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Cru and Sean Hard Fucking

Cru Jones is such a hot, hunky masculine man. He is so in command with his sexuality and when he does Randy Blue Live he holds the audience in the palm of his hand. I love pairing him up with different guys because he always seems to bring something new to the mix. Sean Everett is one of our newer guys and everyone keeps telling me how much they love the fact that he seems so bright eyed and innocent but once he gets into it he lets his wild side out. When I put the two of them together they just went at it. I sort of figured that Cru would lead Sean all the way through but boy was I wrong. Sean did such a great job of holding his own. While Cru was kissing his chest and working his shirt off, Sean was squeezing his nipples, something that I know drives Cru wild.

And once the clothes were off, Sean wasted no time in going down on Cru’s huge manrammer. Not content to let Cru suck him off, Sean began thrusting his hips in and out, fucking Cru’s face while talking dirty to him. It was a hot scene and you can tell they both got really into it. Cru was hardly passive in all this. I know from the live shows that my members love dirty talk and while Cru was getting pounded by Sean he was very vocal, moaning and letting Sean know just how much he was loving it.

Finally, as Cru came with Sean’s cock buried deep in his ass, you can see Sean watching intently, totally getting off on watching Cru’s manjuice spray all over his furry chest, causing Sean’s own hearty load to spew all over the place upon pulling out of Cru’s hungry hole.

Straight Wrestler Zander

Zander is a hot, straight wrestler and I was so taken with his good looks. Zander is straight, 21-year-old, 5′ 8???, and weighs in at 150 pounds. He’s still blessed with his boyish good looks – those eyes are so seductive and his lips are beautifully full and kissable. In high school Zander was on the wrestling and football teams, and he quickly developed his own cheering section. I sure would be on my feet trying to get a look at that prominent bulge in his wrestling singlet.

This week Zander stopped by PerfectGuyz to strip out of his jeans and boxes and reveal his tight muscular butt and a thick cock. He gripped his cock and started to pump it. He got on his knees, and then, on his back and he pumped his cock vigorously. Finally, with his body seething in ecstasy, he started to cum! Zander shot a generous load all over his smooth belly.

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Hot Military Dude Cain

Cain is one hot motha fucka!
Ok, so he looks a little bit like a certain Mr. Rush, but in his own even hotter way.
This kid is just one of those models that you will want to see more of. He loves the camera and loves showing off, but not sure I’ve got him convinced to work with a dude.

Cain is straight, but has figured out his ass is prime real estate, and at the end of the video, he needed something extra to get him over the top. I don’t know why I find it especially hot to see a big slab of masculine beef like him finger his prostate, but it is for sure extra stimulating for him and viewer alike.

Cain is a cage fighter, who has a few bruises here and there, and it sounds like it might be something he does full time. But if that doesn’t work out, hopefully we can get him back for more, because this guy is without a doubt, should be doing porn for a living.

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Hard Investigations – Alleycats

The suspect… the detective… the guard… the prisoner… and the reporter. Interrogation has never been this hot! Randy Blue is proud to present our newest feature, Alley Cats. A tribute to film noir, Alley Cats tells the story of Johnny Malibu, a handsome stud who gets his kicks in the alley behind the Dragonfly nightclub. The year is 1953, a time when homosexuality was treated as a criminal offense. Johnny and the other “alley cats” would go on the prowl in order to find hot sex with other guys. When a young man is found murdered, Johnny is taken in as the main suspect.

Detective Arthur Lazlo is hot on the case and determined to put Johnny behind bars. Little does Johnny know how amazingly hot Detective Lazlo is and a building sexual tension between them makes the interrogation increasingly difficult.

But he doesn’t dare step out of bounds or Buck, the surly prison guard, just might introduce him to the business end of his long, hard baton. Meanwhile, reporter Jack Gordon is trying to get the scoop on the city’s top story… Just who is the “Alley Cat Murderer”? Alley Cats stars Derrek Diamond as Mickey Crenshaw, the victim, who’s only crime was being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Sean Everett plays Bill Shire, in the pen for no other reason than trying to score some back alley action. Tyler Johnson plays Buck, the prison guard who loves his job a little too much. James Hawk goes for a totally different look as reporter Jack Gordon, out to get to the bottom of this case. Detective Lazlo, who always gets his man, is played by the incomparable Chris Rockway. And giving a classic performance as the misunderstood rebel, Reese Rideout plays Johnny Malibu, a man arrested for a crime he swears he didn’t commit.

Five men in a heated interrogation room… things are bound to get nasty. And once they do it’s Randy Blue like you’ve never seen us before… sweaty, horny, orgy action where everyone flips, everyone goes down and everyone gets off…

Is Johnny guilty or innocent? What will be revealed during the intense interrogation? And what dirty secrets lie behind bars at the Randall Cobalt State Penitentiary? Don’t miss one moment of the excitement in Alley Cats.