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Dominic And Tommy – You Like to Suck Cock?

Here’s some serious man on man action for your viewing pleasure! True to form, hard-fucking Dominic shows Tommy how real men have sex… not that Tommy needed any lessons of course, but then a "refresher" session is always welcome ;-)

Being more of a bottom than a top, Tommy sure knows how to take it and it’s a bloody good job too – Dominic was out to ruin Tommy’s perfect backside with a fuck he’d never forget…


Short preview video:

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Jesse and Kai Fucking

I think we might have turned someone! Yes, that’s right, our blonde bombshell is back – in fact he stayed over after his lustful romp with Robbie and I managed to persuade him to give it a go with another guy! Kai took Jesse’s eye and what with Kai being a lover of cute guys with big dicks he was more than up for good fuck session… and man, did Jesse get in to the rhythm of fucking ass hard or what ;-)

Kai, being his usual dominant self is the first to kick things off, almost taking Jesse unexpectedly as he leans in for the first kiss and begins to unbutton Jesse’s shirt. Coy laughs and smiles are exchanged and Jesse soon begins to relax as Kai begins to fully explore his young and inexperienced body. Feasting on his cock with long licks, light touches and deep swallowing all add to Jesse’s building excitement!

Eager to receive as well as give, Kai lies back and Jesse takes the hint. Gently licking and then sucking on Kai’s pre-cum leaking dick, this was another new experience for Jesse but he wasn’t the least bit freaked by it. Finally though Kai wants Jesse’s long uncut cock deep inside him and slowly Jesse enters his ass. It’s not long before Jesse is fucking real hard and he certainly learnt what the term “demanding bottom” means! In the end though Jesse proves he’s quite the top – fucking away he grabs Kai’s dick and it’s soon spurting loads of cum everywhere  ;-)


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Jed and Oli Hard Fucking

Sometimes, you just know instantly when a shoot is going to be super- hot! There’s this buzz of sexual tension in the air which sends goose-bumps all over everyone’s bodies. The guys seem to be communicating their lustful desires through fleeting glances and devilish smiles, yet the underlying atmosphere is very calm and relaxed. And man, was this one of those occasions… the raw electricity and passion between these two was simply unbelievable ;-)

I mean, have you ever taken someone home and everything just clicks perfectly when you hit the sack? Well, this film is a bit like that, so much so that you could be forgiven for thinking these two had been fucking each other for years! The natural enjoyment and pleasure of everything they were doing to each other is unmistakeable. From playful, intimate kissing and sensual licking right through to some gentle nipple biting, amazing deep-throat action and rimming, Jed and Oli were in a totally different world!

But the thing I loved so much about this film was the way they kept looking at each other. Those glances were so deep I think Jed and Oli were somehow searching each other’s souls as they got hornier and hornier. And by the time these fellas were fucking, well, you can forget about them being in a different world – they had moved into a new Universe! This, my friends, is an epic 35 minute film of passionate man sex at its absolute best… enjoy :-)

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