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Straight Stud CJ With Huge Cock From Manavenue

CJ is a private coach and has been working out every day near our office. We finally talked him into auditioning with us and showing off a bit.

When the cameras began rolling, he immediately said “I’m ready” Boy were we surprised when he took his rock hard, fat dick out of his shorts. We had no idea he was boned up already. Damn straight guys get hard easier than gay guys…

After showing us his tight biceps and abs, he proceeds to blow a huge load all over himself and then stands up to let us see every drop of man juice spurting from his dick.

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Marco Vega

I had been communicating with Marco Vega-Blaze on-line for quite some time before actually meeting him. I was a little hesitant at first because he seemed a little reserved and his pictures I had seen really didn’t do him justice. FUCK…what a hottie!

Marco has very handsome features, turns out is a true exhibitionist…and in case you didn’t notice, has a huge fucking dick….fat, uncut, huge! He even admits it’s like carrying another person around when it gets hard…

Go ahead…wipe one out looking at his hot video and pictures. Then when you’re done, rewind, reload and reshoot! We did!

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Lucas Vick and Ryan Brody

Sometimes you don’t need any talking. No storyline, no conversation… just two hot guys who can’t wait to get naked and explore each other’s bodies. Lucas Vick has gone from that handsome shy guy with the huge dick that did his first solo with just a hint of nervousness to a guy who walks into the room ready for anything. He’s always so laid back and that makes watching him get laid so much sexier. His recent live shows have been off the wall as he turns on the charm one minute then lets loose with the kind of dirty talk that would make anyone blush, while causing quite a few hardons as well. Then we have Ryan Brody. This is his first video, and blowjob, with another guy and he was more than ready for it. The minute I got him and Lucas in the same room it was all I could do to keep them apart until we got the cameras rolling. Ryan’s got the kind of body that you just want to lick all over. His smooth caramel colored skin, adorable features and huge piece of manmeat just make your mouth water. And while I know that putting anyone with Lucas would make for a super hot video, because Lucas is just that good, seeing him go down on Ryan was something else. He worked that cock for all it was worth and then some. And Ryan was so cute, testing the waters to see what he could get away with. He tentatively puts his hands on Lucas’ head while he’s sucking his aching erection. Not sure how rough or gentle he needs to be, or how wild he can get. But once things were moving along Ryan was able to relax, and after a while he was jamming his cock down Lucas’ eager throat like a pro. And by the end he was more than willing to spray his seed all over Lucas’ furry chest.

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Blowing Kyle

Meet Kyle! He grew up in New Jersey and moved into the city a few years back. Kyle paints apartments and does general handyman work, a blue collar sort of guy.

Even though he lives in Brooklyn now, he really enjoys the Manhattan scene, including all the beautiful woman that populate this city. When he is not painting, you will very often find him “chasing the skirts”.He loves to play the field and is dating about 5 girls at the moment.

What really turns Kyle on is oral sex, preformed on him, that is. He loves a warm mouth and soft tongue on his balls and cock. He has heard his whole life that guys give the best blow jobs and now he is ready to test out that ‘urban legend” and to see whether it really is true. ( Of course we all know the answer!).

We thought Christian would be the perfect cocksucker to give Kyle his first “real” blow job. Christian went right to town, like the pro that he is. Kyle was already amazed by the way it felt. After Kyle sat down Christian got between Kyle’s hairy legs lifted them up a bit and lapped at Kyle’s hairy nut sack…Christian’s skilled tongue on his nuts, drove Kyle NUTS! Kyle blasted a huge load of baby batter all over himself. With that load it was clear to him that guys really do suck cock better!

First taste of Kyle's straight erect dick

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Forced Face Fuck

Times are tough these days. Our good friend Nick took a small loan from us, when it came time to pay it back we told him we didn’t want the cash, we had something else in mind. His payback was going to be sucking some straight guy dick! He was really unsure of doing that, but we had him right where we wanted him, on his knees.

We felt that Officer “M” would be just the guy to break Nick in. He is a cop that LOVES his dick sucked and isn’t shy about telling the cocksucker just how to do it. Officer “M” was only too excited about the prospect of breaking in a virgin mouth. We get the feeling that this is not the first time he has forced a guy to suck his cock. When we asked him if he ever forced a guy to be his cocksucker the “blue wall of silence” went right up. That silence spoke volumes to us and to Nick.

While Officer “M” was aggressive and forceful with Nick, he did it in a gentle way, sort of. He was like a coach, Nick had to suck his dick, there was no way out, but the cop held Nick’s chin and gently forced his massive cock into Nicks mouth.

As the movie plays out you will see Officer “M” guide Nick’s unwilling mouth down on this meat by pushing on the back of his head, you will see Nick getting his face fucked by a horny-no-nonsense cop! You will also see the massive load that was brewing in this cop’s hairy balls spew all over!

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The Horny Barber

Daniele needs a haircut. Little does he know what the barber (studly Matthias Vannelli) has in store for him. Or doesn’t he?

Italian studs from Lucas Kazan Fucking

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Ted Colunga – Hairy Hunk

Butch Dixon writes: Ted Colunga is one of the hottest exports from Hungary since golash. This hairy hunk has made a big name for himself in gay porn, including a fifteen-man gang bang where he offered up his muscular butt for a massive fuck session. And Colunga is the latest t join Butch Dixon’s line-up of masculine men. Colunga has an amazing body. He not only looks like he works out a lot, but he looks like he lives at the gym when he’s not shooting porn videos. Ted Colunga has strong, sculpted shoulders; massive biceps; broad, chiseled hairy pecs; and ripped abs that can still be seen under all that fur. But perhaps Colunga’s best asset is his huge, uncut cock. This stump of a dick is a cock sucker’s dream come true — it’s super fat with a deliciously plump cock head. You’re going to love watching this hairy hunk pumping out a load of man juice. But I’m betting you’ll be wishing you were on your knees in front of him and slobbering all over his fat dick!

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Private Aidyn fucks Officer Christian

These two hotties return to All-American Heroes for some marine on cop action in their first encounter. Before we can even get the video playing for them, the chemistry starts to flow between Christian and Aidyn.

When the action first starts, Christian and Aidyn slowly start to massage their ample packages through their clothes. But, it’s not long before Aidyn whips out his monster cock. Christian follows suit shortly and they are both happily stroking away. Being the helpful public servant that he is, Christian reaches over to give Aidyn a helping hand. Not to be outdone in the volunteer deparment, Aidyn grabs ahold of Christian’s stiff meat.

Once they’ve had a bit of jerk swapping, Christian leans over and starts to swallow the marine’s thick cock–all the while working his own dick.

That’s not enough for Christian and he decides to sit his tight ass down on Aidyn’s waiting manhood. He starts off moving up and down the girthy shaft slowly. But once he’s mastered it, he starts to bounce faster and faster.

Finally, the patrolman gets bent over doggie style and the marine bangs him until he blows his creamy load all over the cop’s face

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