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Manavenue – Tomm AND TJ In Hard Nasty Fuck

Tomm is a hunky muscle god who is always horny. He just can’t help it – his dick needs to plow some pussy or ass all the fucking time!

Cute newcomer TJ falls for Tomm as soon as the two meet, and offers his tight ass for some hard drilling.

But before they get down and dirty on fucking, they enjoy each other’s magnificent tools in 69 and regular cocksucking.

Tomm squirts his man-load onto TJ’s crack and finishes off this amazing fucking session.


Short preview video:

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Manaveue is a great porn site that features regular straight guys – the type you see on the street and then just can’t forget about them, especially during jerking off!

Girth Brooks is one DAMN HUGE mofo!

DAMN! Would you check out that huge fat dick??? This guy couldn’t even get his hand all the way around it.

Can you imagine if you tried to get your mouth around it or even try to sit on it?

This cocky bastard knows what you want and even bosses the cameraman around.

Be sure and bury your face in his hairy pits and enjoy the view of that huge dick with its massive head.

The name is Girth Brooks. Don’t Forget It!

His preview Video:

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Aaron the Beginning

Fratboy Aaron was spotted on the street as we were waiting for another model’s interview to start.

He has since been seen here on ManAvenue in his own video blog and previous episode. 
If you missed his blog, you need to see it – this hot stud sucks his own dick and knows you like looking.

See how it all started in “Aaron: The Beginning”.


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Smokey Joey is Fucking Hot

Ever been around one of those guys that just exudes masculinity and oozes sexuality?  “Smokey Joey” is one of those guys.

Sitting on the balcony, dick hanging out of his towel, smoking a cigarette — well, it just doesn’t get much better…

…But it does…  The way he talks directly to you in his deep voice: “you want it in your mouth, or do you want it in your ass?” is enough to make you cum without even watching the rest of the video.

Go ahead, jack your cock and cum while listening to him talk….  Then beat it again while watching his hot video of smoking, posing, stroking and blowing a nasty load.

Then lay back with Joey as he lights up another one.


Manavenue’s Joey is smoking hot, as you can clearly see here. Watch him stroke that huge dick of his and shoot streams of hot cum!

Hairy Hunk Berke from Manavenue

So many of you have been asking for hairy guys and luckily we found Berke riding the streets on his bike several weeks ago.

A recent transplant from the West Coast, this man with a huge dick is just what my doctor ordered…TALL, DARK, HAIRY, HORNY and MUSCULAR!Watch Berke doing his thing, jacking off his huge pole, throwing his hairy legs in the air for you, poking his dick through the house and finally unloading a nice load over his hairy chest.

Excuse me while I go pick a hair out of my mouth!


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Revel Milan

 We catch up with new cummer Revel Milan coming off the beach on a recent windy day.

After he finds his way to the usual poolside place for stroking, he teases us by tugging on his fat dick through his swim trunks before exposing his hard monster.

Slapping and spitting his rod, he finally settles down to some serious meat-beating and cum throwing.

Stick around and watch him pissing during his shower clean up. All you piss hungry pigs out there will enjoy it.










Man, listen to my advice. I’ve seen many gay porn sites, but MANAVENUE really stands out of the crowd because they tend to pick only the manliest motherfuckers! Those are usually the type of straight men you see in the street and you oh so wish you could see them naked and hard. Well, now you can!

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Jake from Manavenue – Rugged and All Man!

Here’s a new extra manly stud I found over at Manavenue.

We finally convinced Jake to join us here on ManAvenue and show us his tight
body…and boy, were we surprised.

Rock hard in all the right places, a serious man’s tattoo and a huge hard
dick make Jake a real man’s man!

He does a bit of showing off before getting down to some serious meat
beating. After blowing a huge load of cum all over himself, he stands up
and flexes his muscles while that man juice runs down his abs. Makes you
want to drop to your knees.

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Manavenue Stud Juice

Juice was all business on the phone while setting up his shoot. His tough, business-like exterior melted immediately once we met him and got him naked. Mr. Personality himself. This hot guy will make things happen in his life. Guaranteed! (“Make things happen” translates: make your dick hard !!)

While we can claim him as a ‘virgin’ to jack off sites (OK, we take a very long time to edit), he has shown his hot body to many other quality sites out there. Lucky them. Lucky us! LUCKY YOU!

Cute; focused; cocky hard body! His fucking dick has such a huge head on it, we almost gagged (wishful thinking) just looking at it.

JUICE — Mix one part Cocky Testosterone — One part Vodka — One part Cum. Stir briefly before shooting it down your hatch!

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