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Top O’ and Bottom O’ the morning to ya!

Since Saint Patty’s Day just passed here in Boston and I’m half Irish, Hunter thought it would be a great idea to finally show you our highly anticipated video, "The Fuck of The Irish."  We gave a sneak peek of this hot video about a month back and you all went crazy for it, mostly because of our sexy-as-fuck tall Irish boy, Liam. He has a big sexy smile, big blue eyes, hot furry legs and bubble ass – plus he is a sight to behold when he’s all horned up and ready to fuck. Liam had been talking to us for close to two years before we actually met for the first time in this video.  He was beyond excited and so were we! 

So here it is and if I do say so myself; this is one seriously HOT fuck video! It’s got some really nasty hot moments that will blow your loads right out of your cock and thru the roof, lol.  This is the only video where a boy made me cum twice – two big loads, one after another within a two minute span. Hunter and I ran this guy thru the MMFM! "Maverick Men Fuck Machine" and back again and he was still hungry for more.

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Short preview video:

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Some of you may recognize them from Xtube and MaverickMan222. Hunter and Cole have been in love and lust for over ten years. They love making videos of all the hot, fun times we had together. They take their camera with them everywhere and document their real-life sex-capades together and with other hot guys. They go camping, hiking, clubbing, and traveling all over the place. You name the place, and they whip out their camera and cocks and film it.


This was another hot pairing with irresistible studs Pierce and Jeffrey. Apparently, the two men like to stimulate each other’s nipples, that gets them hot and horny!

So they were playing with each other’s nips and I thought it would be totally cool if they tried some ice!

As soon as the ice was applied there were some changes in their pants and the two men were ready for fucking.

Jeffrey told Pierce to bend over and then inserted his big swollen cock up his arse. It was a great sight to behold. So you see, it doesn’t matter if a top guy is smaller than the bottom. It’s obvious that Pierce is a lot bigger than Jeffrey but Jeffrey had no problem fucking his bigger mate!

Both studs cummed copiously. “You got a lot of cum on your face… Whose cum is it… yours?”

“More than likely,” Pierce replied.

“Is it important anyway"?”


Pierce looked quite demolished and as if stupefied, but in a good way. Like someone just ravaged his little tight ass!


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Sean Cody

Joey and Trevor first met each other when Joey made his first trip to the Ranch. Trevor made sure to let me know that Joey is the type of guy that he likes to give it up to. I couldn’t imagine a better guy for Joey to fuck his first time out than Trevor. If you take a good look at these two side by side, you can’t help but notice the similarity in their body types. It happens to be my favorite.

Everyone was all worked up as soon as both of these Southern Gentlemen lost their shirts. They both have naturally smooth bodies with amazing definition. Joey’s chest might be a little bigger than Trevor’s but Trevor has Joey trumped in the Biceps. I have gotta give the nod to Trevor in the cock category but don’t get me wrong, Joey is no slouch with his big 19 year old piece of meat.

They boys started making out and then Trevor went straight in for Joey’s manhood. All the while Trevor was work Joey’s meat, Joey wanted to get his hands on Trevor’s ass. It was almost a tug of war as Trevor sucked and Joey probed. Before Joey started to work on Trevor’s ass, he took Trevor’s fat cock in his mouth and worked it until it was nice and hard.

Trevor got on all fours with his hard cock bouncing up and down and Joey entered his first boy. True to most straight guys that fuck their first man, Joey didn’t exactly ease his way in. After the initial plunging, Trevor settled in for a long hard ride. Both boys worked up some fluids and they both let it loose all over Trevor’s sizzling body. There is so much cum that your gonna wanna jump in.


Short preview video:

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Southern Strokes features hot Southern guys from the USA. These rural dudes are hot and full of life, and they are eager to show off or fuck somebody. Check them out!

Jonathan1_250x250 derrick_250x250

Take a listen to the interview and you will know where I found Robbie. Let’s just say he was swinging (literally) at one of my favorite watering holes. Robbie is everything about a Hot Southern Boy that you would dream about. He is 5’5” tall with a lean gymnast build, a perfect ass and a huge uncut tool swinging between his legs.

I of course invited Robbie to cum and visit me at the Ranch so that I could share him with the rest of my Southern Strokes’ Faithful. Robbie showed up and pretty much immediately got naked. He was sitting on the counter buck naked stroking his big uncut cock and talking to me like we were sittin’ out front the general store drinkin’ a pop.

I finally clued in and shut up and let him yank one out for us right there. Robbie had already made himself semi-hard so as soon as the cameras started rolling, Robbie picked up the pace. He worked his giant piece of meat with both hands as he punched his hips forward on every stroke. Robbie’s little hands on the great big thing just made his cock look even more massive.

Robbie started exploring his ass with his free hand which sent this country boy to another level. He arched his back like a good lil bottom as he finger fucked his moist hole. Robbie tugged on his shaft harder and harder as his love sac slapped against his precious ass. Robbie finished things off with a shot to his chest of gooey man batter.


Short preview video:

Click here to watch his entire video in perfect HD quality at Southern Strokes!

Southern Strokes features hot Southern guys from the USA. These rural dudes are hot and full of life, and they are eager to show off or fuck somebody. Check them out!

Jonathan1_250x250 derrick_250x250

Brandon Lewis and Paul Wagner have been living together for quite a while now, casually enjoying the fringe benefits of a friend with benefits. They help each other around the house and are generally supportive of one another. However now that Brandon has got his certification for massage therapy, Paul is suddenly skeptical to be a guinea pig.

Brandon has to convince Paul to get up on his table, but once he does, man is he glad he did. Brandon’s hands are delicate to the touch and can sense Paul’s tightness, immediately soothing his nerves and loosening him up. Paul feels so comfortable that he gets a semi hard on which Brandon also notices, taking it first into his hands, and then into his mouth.

Sucking Paul down to the base, it quickly becomes apparent that this massage has moved into phase 2. Now this is territory Paul is familiar with, so he bends Brandon over and starts tonguing his ass until Brandon is rock hard and ready to fuck. Brandon bends Paul over the massage table and fucks him like crazy, a sweaty oily concoction of grapeseed oil, lube and cum, finally culminating in a sticky frenzy all over Paul’s chest.


Short preview video:

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Next Door Buddes is a great porn site that features “Next-door” type of men, usually younger dudes who are into experimenting with other guys. These guys are your normal straight dudes who like to push the limits a bit more than what you’d expect. Lots of hot and horny straight and bisexual guys!


I’ve filmed JJ Michaels a few times before this shoot, always with other guys. He did such a great job in those scenes that I jumped at the opportunity to work on camera with him myself.

When JJ arrived he looked fantastic. He had some growth on his face that was really sexy and got me all horned up. JJ identifies as straight but you wouldn’t know it by his eagerness to get the scene started. He whips out my cock & gets right to work. You can tell JJ is really, really into this suck off.

I usually pre-cum quite a bit and this time was no exception. As soon as JJ noticed the clear pre-cum pouring out of my cock he went in for a taste. He moaned as he licked my cock head clean. JJ has taken cum on his face before but never in his mouth. I was about to change all that!

JJ leans back on the bed and I face fuck him fast and hard. I could tell I was going to shoot a massive load and JJ was really wanting it bad. I’ve been sucked off by a lot of guys before. However, I must say, the build up and release was pretty fucking incredible this time around. It really helps when you can sense the guy blowing you really wants your load.

I couldn’t hold back any longer. My cock was far down JJ’s throat when I start to cum. The first squirt of semen literally bypassed his mouth and went straight down his throat. I pulled back just a little making sure JJ got a good taste of my load. Sure enough, as soon as my dick comes out of JJ’s mouth he spits a mouthful of jizz on me, covering my dick with my own cum.

He then took my dick back in his mouth and sucked me some more. All the while cum was oozing out of my dickhead. He must have swallowed a massive amount of sperm. I pulled out again and slapped my cum dripping cock on his cute face.

I asked JJ if he wanted to shower or just wash his face off. He said he was OK, grabbed a dry towel and wiped the cum off his mouth and face.

Aaron and I then gave him a ride to a restaurant where he was meeting some friends. We hugged good-bye and I swear I could smell my dry cum on his face. I wonder what his friends must have thought when they smelled cum on their “straight” friend’s face…


Short preview video:

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Today was a great day for Nurse AJ, not only had he learned the ropes from the one of the most respected all be it new physicians at the clinic but he had his first patient he would be assisting Dr. Jizzerman with. AJ walks into the reception area to call in the sexy senor wrestler Austin Grant who was getting his physical for the wrestling team today. Dr. Jizzerman basically supervised the young nurse as he did the basic examination.

Once he was done testing his reflexes, AJ had Austin get undressed and got him on the scale. Afterward the nurse had him remove all his clothes and then get on the examination table. Aj got close to Grants dick as he examined his cock and brought the attention to Dr. Jizzerman. The good doctor took a look and then inserted Austin’s dick into his mouth and started to suck on it like there was no tomorrow and AJ quickly joined in. After some cock worship it was time for the edurance test. Austin got up from the exam table as Dr. Jizzerman bent over in front of AJ.

He started to push his cock into the doctors ass as he instructed Grant how to process with the test. Austin took the position behind Jizzerman and began thrusting in deep into that tight ass. His nine inch cock was balls deep inside the docs ass. Within a few minutes Austin felt himself shooting a massive load inside the good doctor but that didn’t stop him. The young wrestler continued plowing that sweet ass. Without missing a beat he flipped the doctor over onto his back and kept jackhammering his sore hole. Austin pulls out and starts jerking it, shooting another massive load onto the doctor and leaving AJ to lick it up with his mouth.


Short preview video:

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Rocky Fox and his bud Martin Love where hanging out playing some tunes on the guitar when Rocky got seriously turned on by Martin’s hot hairy chest. Rocky started playing with Martin’s nipples and of course that got him rock hard so he dropped his pants and starting sucking his uncock cock.

Next thing you knew Rocky’s ass was up in the air getting eaten out and fingered to get ready for a hot bareback cock.  Martin slides his man meat up that smooth ass and has his way with it.


Preview video:

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