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His First Male Blowjob

The sexy Dominic Brown gives the furry chested Jonathan Bartell his first male blowjob.

Dominic Brown’s steamy 69 with Mike West was so hot that I wasted no time in getting him in here to do another scene.  That guy loves sex so much that it’s a nut busting experience watching him do pretty much anything with another model.  Jonathan Bartell is a recent addition to the Randy Blue family, with his lush carpet of chest hair, handsome face and beautiful cock.  And when these two got together the chemistry was instant.  They went from polite introductions to passionately making out like they’ve been fuck buddies for years.  And it just gets better from there.  Dominic is so much fun to watch giving head because you can just tell how much he’s getting into it.  And seeing the look on Jonathan’s face as he gets his first blowjob from another dude is priceless.  I also made it a point to focus a bit on Dominic’s hot ass and low hanging balls because as much as I love good head, I’m a sucker for a hot ass.  And when Jonathan shot his load all over Dominic’s smooth chest I could tell the whole idea of this being such a new experience for him drove him right over the edge.

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These two studs are uberhot and their chemistry is great!

Hairy Man in Suit – Ted Colunga

There’s nothing sexier than a muscular man wearing a fine suit. Ted Colunga recently stopped by Butch Dixon for a photo shoot. When the photographer opened the door the hairy hunk was standing in front of him wearing a suit. “I’m sorry, I don’t mean to be so formal,” Colunga said, “But I’m just coming from another appointment and didn’t have time to change.” Butch Dixon told him that he had nothing to apologize for and suggested that they start shooting right away. So Ted Colunga climbed the sprial staircase in the photographer’s house and started stripping out of his suit. He had that just-home-from-a- long-boring-wedding look and needed a good wank to get rid of some of the day’s stress. As Colunga peels out of his suit we first see his beautifully hairy chest; and then, Colunga fishes his super fat, uncut cock out of his trousers. Good Lord! Talk about more than a mouthful! What a delicious chunk of meat! Butch Dixon did three photo shoots that day with Ted Colunga, and you’re going to want to head over there and see them all!


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Hot Hung Boxer Thiago

Thiago is 25. He’s so comfortable stroking his dick in front of the camera (all 9 inches of it), he opened his own living room to the shoot.

Watch him exercise, box, sweat and beat off… A natural!


Wow. What a stud! Gorgeous masculine body and a big straight cock! 

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