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Preston Fucks Buck

Buck and Preston hit it off from the first time that they met. If I didn’t know any better, I might even say that Buck has a man-crush and Preston. As soon as Preston walked in the room, he went over and gave Buck a nice hard slap on the ass.

This was the third meeting for these two so everyone was relaxed and especially turned on by what was about to happen. They were both so anxious that they actually both arrived at the Lake House early. Although he didn’t need any work, Buck showed up more ripped than the week before. What was even more surprising was to see how Preston had changed. He has been getting some sun and hitting the weights hard and it definitely shows.

We had set up a massage table at the Lake House knowing that once Preston started to rub Buck’s hot ripped body, they both would take it from there. Buck stripped down and crawled on the table and lay on his back. Buck couldn’t take his eyes off Preston as he oiled up his body. (Buck loves to be greased up). It was obvious that Buck was ready to roll over on his stomach so that Preston could get at what he was really after.
This had to be one of the easiest films to shoot. As soon as the cameras were turned on, they just went at it. Preston always likes to take control and Buck loves it. He likes to lay back and wait for Preston to tell him what to do. At one point, I had to ask them to slow down because I thought Preston was going to blow his wad to quick.

Buck has one of the hottest asses around and loves to be teased. Preston didn’t disappoint him as he slapped Buck’s ass with his big cock. It doesn’t take much to get Buck going and before you know it he is on his stomach thrusting his ass in the air for Preston to take. After the first scream, Buck was ready for anything. Preston proceeded to fuck him in every position imaginable trying to see just how much Buck could take. After they have worked up a good sweat, both of them shoot big hot creamy loads at the same time. Buck is obviously happy to be covered in cum yet again.

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K?K Car Wash Orgy

Here’s an extremely hot fucking orgy I’ve found at CockSureMen.

It’s a beautiful day and Shawn, Pat, and Jake are throwing a charity car wash for their favorite frat, Kappa Omega Kappa (KOK). Leo and Jeremy pull up and are informed that the price is negotiable and by donation only. After taking a quick look at the three hunks getting ready to clean the car, Leo gets some dirty thoughts and makes a big donation of $100.

The guys start to wash the car and goof around a bit when Jake peers inside the car and notices something else is getting polished. He calls over Shawn and Pat and they swing open the doors to find Jeremy going down on Leo. Jeremy asks if they are enjoying the show and within no time all the guys are getting it on.

If those five studs weren’t enough, they pop open the back hatch to discover Ryan and Park curled up giving each other mutual blow jobs. After that it’s a near free for all suck and fuck. Although the car is dirtier afterwards than when they started, it looks like everyone got their money’s worth.

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Jake from Manavenue – Rugged and All Man!

Here’s a new extra manly stud I found over at Manavenue.

We finally convinced Jake to join us here on ManAvenue and show us his tight
body…and boy, were we surprised.

Rock hard in all the right places, a serious man’s tattoo and a huge hard
dick make Jake a real man’s man!

He does a bit of showing off before getting down to some serious meat
beating. After blowing a huge load of cum all over himself, he stands up
and flexes his muscles while that man juice runs down his abs. Makes you
want to drop to your knees.

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Jed and Oli Hard Fucking

Sometimes, you just know instantly when a shoot is going to be super- hot! There’s this buzz of sexual tension in the air which sends goose-bumps all over everyone’s bodies. The guys seem to be communicating their lustful desires through fleeting glances and devilish smiles, yet the underlying atmosphere is very calm and relaxed. And man, was this one of those occasions… the raw electricity and passion between these two was simply unbelievable ;-)

I mean, have you ever taken someone home and everything just clicks perfectly when you hit the sack? Well, this film is a bit like that, so much so that you could be forgiven for thinking these two had been fucking each other for years! The natural enjoyment and pleasure of everything they were doing to each other is unmistakeable. From playful, intimate kissing and sensual licking right through to some gentle nipple biting, amazing deep-throat action and rimming, Jed and Oli were in a totally different world!

But the thing I loved so much about this film was the way they kept looking at each other. Those glances were so deep I think Jed and Oli were somehow searching each other’s souls as they got hornier and hornier. And by the time these fellas were fucking, well, you can forget about them being in a different world – they had moved into a new Universe! This, my friends, is an epic 35 minute film of passionate man sex at its absolute best… enjoy :-)

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I really like both of these men. Blake is such a sexy young man, and is always pleasure to watch as he makes every scene so genuinely passionate and hot. Leo is a well known Italian stud with a huge pecker that most gay men would really like to try. :)

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Daniele & Giuseppe Fucking Hard

Giuseppe was flown in for an episode with Alex Orioli. But the chemistry between Giuseppe and Daniele was so tangible, I couldn’t help pairing them up. Their impromptu scene practically directed itself: endless kisses, tireless erections. If only it were this easy at all times…

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Hot Beefy Stud Dorian fucks Patrick in the Ass

Recently Patrick caught Dorian teasing his dick on the sofa to some cell-phone porn. Not wanting to miss out on any action, Patrick makes his move and begins to massage his beefy friend.

You know how it goes, one thing leads to another and all of a sudden Patrick has Dorian’s fat cock in his mouth. To add to that, Dorian bends his friend over and slides his rock hard dick into his ass, dealing Patrick a good pounding. So good in fact, that Patrick cums while he’s taking it. Dorian finishes up by pulling out and unloading his gooey spunk all over Patrick’s stomach.The end!

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Matthias Vannelli at Lucas Kazan

Classic good looks, chiseled physique, huge cock, Matthias is one of the few Italian names in porn, and amongst the most successful.

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