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Drew 10 inch Brody and super fit, sexy Tony Axel have an insanely horny session.

Tony gets his mouth and arse severely stretched wide by Drews beercan thick monster meat, gets his face fucked then takes an intense deep pounding in several positions.



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Hard Brit Lads is a fantastic new porn site from the UK that brings the most masculine and hung bisexual and straight British men so we can enjoy in their amazing physique and get off with them while they fuck each other!


Dean Monroe is a dark handsome stud with very nice muscular body, that got hardened and perfected over the years from dedicated work in the gym and sports.

Dean prides himself on being a talented power bottom. He is a very nice person too. Those people who like to see a man playing with his ass are going to love this shoot.

First Dean shows off his perfectly built body, then proceeds to take out his dick which got quite hard in the meantime. Then he puts some body oil and pours a little over his muscular pectorals. And rubs it into his chest and six pack and legs.

Then there is an extended ass play, for all ass lovers. We get to see him imagining someone’s fucking him while he pushes the fingers into his butthole.

Next, he lays down on his back, holds his legs up, wide apart, and begins to rub his butt hole. He gets it wet with plenty of spit, then pushes his finger in, keeping his dick solid while he does this. He fingers himself, and then pushes in a second finger. Dean pulls his butt cheeks wide apart, giving us some great close ups of his hole. Then, he turns over onto all fours, and pulls his cheeks apart with one hand, whilst fingering himself with the other, first inserting one finger, then two.

After that, Dean gets back onto his back, holds his legs wide apart, and fingers himself deeper and more intensely, first with one finger, sliding in and out, then a second finger, and then, he pushes in three fingers, really stretching his hole open. It makes his rock solid and he starts jerking off, harder and faster.. and suddenly Dean shoots, thick and strong, shooting hot spunk right up his chest almost to the base of his neck, and forming thick pools in his solid abs.. Fantastic.


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Little Jamie West is still technically a boy – he doesn’t even have any stubble yet. But as far as his attitude and confidence are concerned, he is ALL MAN.

This guy has a very fit and chiseled body for someone of his age. His arms are especially big and gorgeous (he also thinks his arms are his best body part).

Jamie’s also got a rather big cock that is rock-hard and totally beautiful!

Watch Jamie in this exclusive scene where he wanks his amazing cock.


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Sexy chav lads, hung Essex boy, Jason O’Connor and muscular young scaffolder Billy Roberts, were both rock solid in their trackies right from the start, and the passion is very real in this scene. As they kiss, they rub each others stiff bulges, and pull off their polo shirts to show off their hot bodies, then takes turns licking and sucking on each others nipples whilst groping each others stiffies, straining inside their trackies.

Billy drops to his knees, and pulls down Jasons trackies, and squeezes his huge hardon inside his white boxers, stroking it and rubbing it before finally pulling the undies down. Jasons cock is rock solid, 8 inches of uncut meat. Billy begins to suck it eagerly, going as deep as he can, he gets it nice and wet, he sucks really deep, and even manages to get the whole thing down a couple of times. Then he stands, and Jason gets onto his knees, takes out Billys hard cock, and gives him a good sucking. Jason cant suck as deep as Billy, but he tries his best, and sucks very nicely, getting his cock really wet, and whilst he sucks Billy, Jason remains rock solid the entire time.

Then Billy gets down onto the floor with Jason, lays on his side to suck him a little more, then they move into a 69 position, and this is where is gets seriously hot, as in this position, with Billy on top, he sucks Jason as deep as he can, then he forces the last inch and half down his throat, swallowing the entire length right down to Jasons balls. Its incredibly hot and he is able to deepthroat Jason COMPLETELY, you can actually hear it go right down his throat, and its incredibly horny to watch, esp as Jasons cock is so big and rock solid. Its some of the horniest deepthroat action i have ever filmed, and Jasons moans of pleasure when Billy swallows him right down to his balls just add to the intense horniness.

After this, Billy squats over Jasons face, allowing Jason to lick Billys smooth arse and get his tongue right up inside him as he pulls Billys muscular cheeks apart.. Nice. Having made Billy arse nice and wet, as Jason lays back, Billy sits astride him, kissing him, rubbing his meaty arse against Jasons stiff dick. Then, Billy lowers himself onto it, and starts to slowly ride up and down it, about halfway at first, then easing the rest of his length deep inside him. He rides it deep, then speeds up a little, then lifts himself up, and Jason pulls his arse cheeks apart and thrusts into him with deep long lengths, almost pulling out completely then plunging his meat deep inside. Incredibly horny fucking.

Next, Billy is on his back with his legs wide apart, and Jason pushed his cock in slowly, deep, all the way in, and fucks him gently to start with, making Billys dick rock hard, clearly hitting the spot.. Jason continues to fuck gently, showing plenty of length, as Billy starts jerking himself off. Jason speeds up now, and fucks harder and harder as Billy gets himself closer, till finally he cant hold off any longer and he shoots a big thick creamy load over himself. Panting and breathless, Jason pulls out and very quickly shoots his hot spunk over Billy as well. Incredibly hot.


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Hard Brit Lads is a great site that features superhard hardcore fucking action with very strong, hung and masculine British studs!

9 inch uncut skinhead Ed Fox has an energetic session with sexy tattooed Jed James, with both guys rock solid from the start, deep throat, facefucking, and very hard fucking in 3 positions, climaxing with Ed shooting a huge spunk load over Jed’s face and mouth.

Hard, sweaty fucking at its best. Don’t miss out!


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Hard Brit Lads is a great site that features superhard hardcore fucking action with very strong, hung and masculine British studs!

Two Young and Very Hung Studs Fucking Hard

Hot London Lad, Matt Brooks gives cute young Jordan a serious pounding in this awesome new scene, which includes some intense sucking, face fucking and deepthroat, then Matt gives Jordans hairless ass a deep rimming before fucking him hard in three horny positions with his very thick solid cock, and then shoots a HUGE load into his face. A GREAT scene, with both lads rock solid throughout!



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