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Leo Giamani Fucks Parker London

This week superstar Leo Giamani, with one of the biggest cocks in the industry, has the pleasure of pummeling rising star Parker London’s sweet hole. Before the fucking begins, both guys make sure to spend plenty of time tasting each others meaty members. Parker is still hungry so he buries his tongue deep inside Leo’s ass. This gets Leo raging hard and ready to fuck Parker’s bubble butt. Parker seems a little worried at first getting that tree trunk shoved up his behind, but he’s loving it in no time. After doggie-style, Parker jumps on top and rides the hell out of Leo’s horse-cock. Parker squirts his load with Leo’s monster still in him. Leo pulls out and cums all over Parker’s cock and abs.


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jarret Rex Fucks Benjamin Bradley

Benjamin Bradley is a rock star. Well, okay, we don’t know if he can really sing or not but with those adorable looks and perfect body he could give any one of these rockers a run for their money. I love pairing him up with the hottest guys I can find and when Jarrett Rex said he wanted to come back and do some more work with us I couldn’t wait to pair them up. Jarrett made a huge splash a little while ago with his cool style, wickedly beautiful face, hot worked out gym muscle stud body and somewhat cocky demeanor. Anyone who would grab Benjamin by the scruff of the neck and force feed him a face full of cock has the balls to be a major force in the porn world. Don’t get me wrong. Benjamin isn’t quite as innocent as you may think. Seeing his rock hard cock bobbing up and down as Jarrett rams his big thick piece of meat deep into his throat while talking dirty to him shows he’s got a nasty side and isn’t afraid to explore it! . And his deep husky voice moaning while his hot hungry hole is pounded is music to my ears. Especially when he shoots his thick sticky load with Jarrett’s dick deep inside him.


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Two Manly Marines Fuck Hard – Dallas & Dorian

In the smoking hot first scene of Active Duty’s new movie, Double Time 5, sexy Dallas gives up his virgin ass to muscular Dorian! This former Marine gives up that beautiful ass so willingly and takes Dorian’s pounding like a real man. He doesn’t do any whining other than moaning and telling Dorian to fuck him harder and Dorian obliges by doing just that.
The clothes come off and the kissing starts and the cocks are hard in no time flat. It’s clear that these two have the chemistry needed to make a really hot scene together. I can tell that both guys are pleased as hell with one another as they move into a really hot kiss, swapping tongue and tasting each other’s lips. Dallas goes down and starts worshipping Dorian’s chest with his tongue, paying close attention to his nipples. Dorian returns the favor and from there the deal is sealed. Dallas is the first to go down and suck some cock at Dorian’s request and you’d think he’s had this on his mind for quite some time with how well he does it.
Before long, Dallas is on top of Dorian bouncing up and down with Dorian’s cock dancing between his cheeks, teasing Dorian’s cock with that nice virgin ass before the fuck. Dorian turns Dallas over and eats his ass really good before the fucking and Dallas loves it as he moans and talks some shit to Dorian. Its clear Dorian?s found the hotspot as Dallas gives every indication that he’s feeling just fine. Dorian tongue fucks his hole and finally saddles up to do the honors of taking this hot guy’s cherry. Dorian works his way into Dallas’ tight fuck hole and from there, troops, hang on to your hand grenades because things are about to explode.


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Am I seeing double? Two dark, handsome, and sexy studs are alike in more ways than one. Big muscles, chiseled jaw lines, rock hard abs, and huge dicks! Coincidentally, they even came in dressed the same. Spencer’s return is even bigger and badder than before, he gained about thirty pounds of muscle, and grew out most of his lovely man coat. Now, Spencer is no stranger to my couch, and sexy co-ed Luke is about to become very intimate friends with Spencer’s monster-cock. Huge chests, massive arms, hairy thighs, washboard stomachs, giant schlongs, and tight bubble butts, I just can’t say enough about these two! When it comes to ass-fucking, there is some real chemistry in the room. Luke finally gets man-handled just the way he likes it, and Spencer basically gets to fuck himself. If I was that hot, I would fuck the shit out of me too.


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America Fucks Devin Draz in The Ass

Dirty Tony is my name, and getting straight guys to fuck is my game. America is a young, straight stud from DC. He is tall, fit, uncut, and as horny as they come. Devin is a real man’s man who loves to tan, pump iron, and will fuck anything that moves. Some guys will do anything for money, and this testosterone laden pair is no exception. Fighting, fucking, and pussy is all these two care to talk about, and when it comes to porn, Devin has a bit more in the experience department. Being the good guy he is, he promises to show America the ropes. And I know for a fact that America has some ropes of his own to show Devin. I’ve said it before, and I will say it again, Devin sure does suck a mean dick for a straight guy. America even raises an eyebrow when the tip of his cock met with Devin’s tonsils. Flexing, fucking, and cussing ensues as these two macho men do the damned deed. Muscles everywhere, smells of sweat and sex, the sound of balls slamming against another man’s taint, and the muffled cries for mercy escaping Devin make for one great day at Tony’s.


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Master Of The House

with Alex Magnum & Federico D’Angelo

"No smoking in the house." Italian newcomer Federico D’Angelo finds out the ‘hard’ way when the Master of the House (Alex Magnum) teaches him a lesson he won’t soon forget


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Sexy, well built and popular. I thought Andrea was straight, he turned out to be bi-sexual. "Did you think I was 100% straight?", Andrea asked me. "If I were, I wouldn’t be here! Sure I like girls best, but if the right guy comes along…" Now, that’s refreshing. All the more for an Italian hunk, who isn’t embarrassed to name his ass amongst his assets and to admit to putting it to good use. "Sometimes"…  


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Dante and Hayden Raw Fuck

Both Dante and Hayden grew up in the same region. They both have similar accents, attitudes and experiences. So I really wanted to put these two guys together.

The fact that they had so much in common, it made tossing them into a room to fuck go much easier. They had some time to talk and get to know each other beforehand.

Dante really wants to top, but he is finding his dick just doesn’t stay hard long enough. Thankfully, he actually likes to be dominated and is into getting fucked. I think my favorite moment of this video is when Dante is sucking Hayden’s cock, and Hayden has this facial reaction of surprise. Sort of like, "Wow, that feels good!" He certainly wasn’t expecting it.

Hayden fucks the hell out of Dante, and he really ramps up to bust by fucking him, he pulls out, takes a minute, then creams all over Dante’s hairy hole, plunging it in and out. We switch gears and Dante actually nuts while sucking on Hayden’s cock. He shoots right up in the air and hits himself in the face. Perfect!


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