Fucking Scott Campbell In His Garden

Scott Campbell is such a great buddy to spend time with! We had a blast last weekend when he came over my place. He is actually from Palm Springs and we visit each other on our trips. Scott is a very laid-back dude and loves to get naked outdoors.

It all started while I was sorting through some photos in the hotel room. Suddenly my dick started to grow (you know how it is…) and just at that moment Scott bent over to show me his hairy ass and hairy ass cheeks. I just couldn’t help myself and I had to fuck that ass. I know that Zac is out there somewhere in the garden and I asked him to hold the camera while I fuck Scott.

Let me tell you one thing – Scott knows how to suck a man’s cock. He’s such an expert cocksucker and he let me fuck his throat and shove it all the way to the balls. We thought about going to the bed inside but I was just too horny and started to fuck him there. I just laid Scott on the concrete floor and penetrated his hole in one move. I went inside deep.  I fucked him good and hard, it was such a hot outdoor fuck session I can’t still believe we were so lucky to catch the moment. It must have been funny for the passers-by because you will see as one of the hotel cleaners passes by and I just kept shoving my dick inside Scott – never mind the passer-by!

In the end Scott stands up again and I felt he was ready to bust a nut, so I wanted to catch that prize on my face. Damn, I wish Scoot and I could see each other more often, such a great fuck buddy – and buddy!




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Joey Copper has just been received in the "husbands club" and in this new episode of the Real House Husbands of Miami, his main preoccupation seems to be to enliven Sean’s spirits.

The two guys go to the gym to get in a better mood, but Sean is still furious and thinks that Angel is ignoring him and behaves disrespectfully. He became agitated and said that he might even pull out of the annual summer gala that the two of them usually throw together.

Jack King happens to come by and this uber-hot straight stud is horny as hell since he hasn’t had any girls recently. Joey sees Jack as an opportunity to avert Sean’s mind off those nasty things into some more naughty things. Jack is enthusiastic to help the boys because he’s so horny.

What follows is a very hot threesome in which aggressive fucker Jack King fucks both guys and also uses a dildo. I’d prefer Jack’s cock, if I may? Pretty please!


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Aden and Jordan are working out in the gym pretty much always together. They’ve seen some great gains and they both look totally amazing. Their trainer gives them precise instructions, and the guys are doing great.

However, all that physical workout has made them really horny, so the guys are really looking forward to letting off some steam. When they found themselves alone in the locker room, both drunk from each other’s hard, manly sweaty smell, they begin kissing and groping each other.

Their both cocks are so hard and perfect I could watch them sucking each other off all day long. But then they proceed to the rimming. Their both holes want to be fucked but today it was Aden’s turn to get plowed. Aden bends over and lets his buddy Jordan fuck his tight ass hard. They work up a sweat in this small, steamy room and reach the unimaginable heights of sexual ecstasy.

Of course, towards the end they both shoot massive loads of cum onto each other.


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Who wouldn’t like to have a hot neighbor like Phenix Saint? I, for one, would do anything in my power to get to his cock, eventually. Jessie Colter is really lucky to have Phenix as his new neighbor and while he was seeking some advice from Phenix, things suddenly turned quite odd!

Jessie slowly prepares a plan to seduce Phenix, and then records all the action with a hidden camera in his little pen.

A hot blowjob leads the way to some really serious fucking and Jessie took Phenix’s entire shaft balls deep, every time and with every thrust. Phenix was aggressive hot stud who knows how to fuck, which is usual for him anyway. He never disappoints.

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We meet the boys outside while they’re still fucking around and carrying each other on their back. Later, in the house, Charlie bends over and lets Tanner drill his hole deep. The boys switched several positions and finally Tanner shoots his wad in Charlie’s ass and breeds him. Nothing like two hot straight boys exploring their sexuality!


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Connor Kline is a hot muscled jock with a huge cock. He has been having lower back pain for the past two weeks and he’s come to his doctor Leo Domenico to complain on his health issue.

Leo touches Connor’s back, but then his hand goes a bit lower and right into Connor’s asshole. Leo fingers Connor’s asshole to gauge whether it needs to be drilled properly with his huge dick.

The more fingers and deeper they are stuck the better Connor feels and his cock springs to action. Domenico still fucks Connor’s ass with his fingers, even harder than in the beginning. Leo tries to keep the finger-fucking pace at the about same level as his mouth sucking on Connor’s big pole.

Connor tries to unveil the male nurse’s clothes and finds a thick, hard cock inside. Connor is spellbound by this huge piece of pure manhood. He takes Leo’s entire cock inside his throat. He wants to make it even harder so he can shove it in his own ass.

Connor bends over and lets Leo invade his tight hairy and pretty muscular ass. Domenico pulls out, but the doctor demands something in return for his services. Namely, he wants Connor to fuck his ass now.

Connor fucks Domenico, and it’s a great sight to behold. Two fantastic studs fucking like wild horny bunnies. Connor was the first to pull out and he shot his epic load. Domenico follows suit and sprays his cum all across the exam room. Hot, messy fucking and messy cumshots. What more can a man want?


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This time round Tim Kruger gets a chance to drill Craig Farell’s eager ass for the first time. The new guy comes from France and Tim was really horny and passionate about the whole fuck scene with him.

I, as the cameraman, thoroughly enjoyed shooting this two guys and the energy of their intense lust could be felt in the air. Tim fucked Craig hard and good. In the end Tim fucks the cum out of Craig and then cums on Craig’s face.


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tt_07_250x340-3_a80e321528 tt250x340_2-12_581e043d19

Well, you were very persistent with your requests to bring back the big muscle stud Angelo, so we finally did it! You wanted to see him mercilessly fucked by the two of us and that’s what you’re about to see!

There are at least 2 good reasons why this movie is so unique for us:

1) Because Angelo is such a manly muscular stud and Italian motherfucker

2) Because he’s become our good friend

He has one of the best physiques we’ve seen and yet he’s super nice and even shy. We love guys like that. Also, Angelo decided not to hide under the “straight” appearance, he’s now fully out of the closet and identifies himself as gay.

We decided to give him a royal treatment here at MaverickMen and we’re sure he’d love it. Angelo’s ass is totally firm and all full of muscles. Angelo didn’t want to give us his ass without a fight… but in the end we nailed him, hard, raw and deep.

So at first our big dude was squirming and moving around so we couldn’t nail him. We tried to restrain him but he’s a huge man and it was difficult. But eventually we shoved our dicks in his ass and he started to give out those noises that you hear in the gym.  Priceless.

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P1020667 2

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