Micah Stone returns to Randy Blue with a hot new jack off video. Set against the backdrop of a Pollock inspired painting, Micah shows off his gorgeous body, trim with just the right amount of muscle. I’ve always thought of his body as a work of art and so putting him in front of a painting seemed like a really good idea. His hard pecs, six-pack abs and deliciously curved arms, lightly tanned from the South Beach, Florida sun, are enough to make you lick your monitor. And for as sexy and smooth the top half of his body is, the bottom half is playfully furry. He keeps his pubes nicely trimmed so that the transition from his chest and stomach to his waist and legs is very natural looking. And while this is all nice, it all takes a back seat to the thick, meaty cock that pokes out at full attention at the slightest touch. I could watch this guy jerk off for days. The look of concentration on his face, with the occasional half smile or horny smirk just makes it for me. His muscular arm flexes just right as he works his hand up and down the shaft. I made sure to move in nice and close to give you a really good look at it. It really is a magnificent piece of meat. And he works it like a pro. And when he shoots, it’s like those white chocolate fountains you see at parties, with thick goey cum pouring over the side of his cockhead into warm sticky pools on his tight stomach.

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