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Jimmy intends to spend a couple of months in the West in “Big Sky Country”. He promised to help his brother round up cattle! You see, Jimmy was born out West and currently works for NYPD and NYC Parks in the equestrian department. So Jimmy is defo an Urban Cowboy, yey!

We thought it would be really unfair for him to be without a good blowjob for such a long time and so we invited him to come over and let our resident cocksucker Trey blow him.

Jimmy was unusually relaxed during this blowjob, I guess our cocksucking has influenced this man in such a positive way that he feels totally relaxed and cool with a guy blowing him.

While Trey was blowing him, I have a sneaking suspicion that Jimmy didn’t actually think about Trey but about some of his girlfriends… but that’s OK!

In the end Jimmy blew a huge load which surprised Trey as well!

This is truly a hot blowjob session and we’re proud of this movie a lot. It even has a unique twist towards the end…. and OMG, Jimmy is so handsome and hot!


Short preview video:

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Tony Returns

Our hot friend Tony returns for a blow job after playing softball with his buddies all afternoon!

Tony arrived sweaty and a bit grimy but he was super horny and as he puts it needed to “bust a nut, BIG TIME”.

Christian was on cocksucking detail that day and didn’t mind that Tony was a bit ripe after his softball game.


In this movie Tony cums TWICE!

Christian got right to work, down between Tony’s legs, enjoying the “man funk” and sucked Tony’s hard hairy cock. Tony was super horny and busted his nut within in a few minutes, but we wasn’t done just yet.

Tony told Christian to keep sucking cause we wanted to drop another load, so Christian did what he was told and Tony did what he said he wanted to; he shot a whole new load!

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Sucking Chase by Chance

New York in the Springtime is amazing. All of a sudden the winter clothes come off and you find yourself in a city that is filled with hot men

It was just one of those early mornings, while going out to get coffee. by chance we ran in Chase who lives in the neighborhood. He was dressed in sweat shorts and a muscle tank and explained that we was about to embark on his Saturday morning run which will take him all the way up to Chelsea Piers and back. Its about a 3 hour run all total. We figured that he might need some relaxation afterwards and mentioned that Christian was over and sucking cock all day today. Well, his face lit up He said that would be the perfect ending to his long run….a long blowjob.

Like clockwork, three hours later Chase rang the doorbell. He was pretty ripe and sweaty from his run. Sweat was pouring from his armpits and from his crotch. Christian was in lust all over again. He loves that “manscent”.

He got right to work sniffing Chase’s sweaty jockstrap, and putting his face between Chase’s sweaty, hairy butt cheeks and worshiping his asshole.

Then Chase unleashed the monster, his monster cock that is!

His “monster” was surrounded by a full bush of pubes that smelled like that were just out for a run and it drove Christian wild! Christian delivered an amazing Blow Job. Chase rewarded Christian by busting a huge nut to show his appreciation  for a job well done.

Blowing Kyle

Meet Kyle! He grew up in New Jersey and moved into the city a few years back. Kyle paints apartments and does general handyman work, a blue collar sort of guy.

Even though he lives in Brooklyn now, he really enjoys the Manhattan scene, including all the beautiful woman that populate this city. When he is not painting, you will very often find him “chasing the skirts”.He loves to play the field and is dating about 5 girls at the moment.

What really turns Kyle on is oral sex, preformed on him, that is. He loves a warm mouth and soft tongue on his balls and cock. He has heard his whole life that guys give the best blow jobs and now he is ready to test out that ‘urban legend” and to see whether it really is true. ( Of course we all know the answer!).

We thought Christian would be the perfect cocksucker to give Kyle his first “real” blow job. Christian went right to town, like the pro that he is. Kyle was already amazed by the way it felt. After Kyle sat down Christian got between Kyle’s hairy legs lifted them up a bit and lapped at Kyle’s hairy nut sack…Christian’s skilled tongue on his nuts, drove Kyle NUTS! Kyle blasted a huge load of baby batter all over himself. With that load it was clear to him that guys really do suck cock better!

First taste of Kyle's straight erect dick

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Forced Face Fuck

Times are tough these days. Our good friend Nick took a small loan from us, when it came time to pay it back we told him we didn’t want the cash, we had something else in mind. His payback was going to be sucking some straight guy dick! He was really unsure of doing that, but we had him right where we wanted him, on his knees.

We felt that Officer “M” would be just the guy to break Nick in. He is a cop that LOVES his dick sucked and isn’t shy about telling the cocksucker just how to do it. Officer “M” was only too excited about the prospect of breaking in a virgin mouth. We get the feeling that this is not the first time he has forced a guy to suck his cock. When we asked him if he ever forced a guy to be his cocksucker the “blue wall of silence” went right up. That silence spoke volumes to us and to Nick.

While Officer “M” was aggressive and forceful with Nick, he did it in a gentle way, sort of. He was like a coach, Nick had to suck his dick, there was no way out, but the cop held Nick’s chin and gently forced his massive cock into Nicks mouth.

As the movie plays out you will see Officer “M” guide Nick’s unwilling mouth down on this meat by pushing on the back of his head, you will see Nick getting his face fucked by a horny-no-nonsense cop! You will also see the massive load that was brewing in this cop’s hairy balls spew all over!

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Up the Butt Bobby!

The time came when Bobby was finally ready, he asked if we could get Jeremy to fuck him, because he thought Jeremy would be gentle. We asked Jeremy if he would be interested in fucking Bobby, he was reply was “if the hole is tight, it will be fun”.

You see, Jeremy loves friction, whether it’s a tight mouth or hole. He had mentioned before he loves to fuck his girlfriends in the ass. He has only dated two girls that would take it up the butt, but when dating those girls they would do up the butt most of the time.

Sucking on Jeremy’s nice stiff dick


Bobby was so wrong when he thought Jeremy would be gentle, he was anything but. Bobby didn’t know that Jeremy has fucked his girlfriends up the butt. Jeremy drilled, pounded and slammed Bobby’s ass! He just took total control of the situation and completely dominated Bobby. This was a side of him that we had never seen.

Jeremy took Bobby doggie style, then put him face down, ass up, flipped him over, put him on his side and spread his legs scissor style. Finally, they did Jeremy’s favorite position, ankles on his shoulders. It’s a really hot movie and Jeremy shoots a huge load, all over our Bobby.

Up the virgin asshole Bobby!

Afterwards, Bobby had a hard time walking, he said he wouldn’t be able to sit for a week.
But we were proud that our resident cocksucker graduated from “down the throat only Bobby” to “Up The Butt Bobby”

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Straight Guys from NY – Paul Does Jeremy

Well, obviously there are tons of amazingly hot straight men in New York City. The problem is, we’ve never known how they would look like while nude, stroking their cocks, much less how would they fuck with each other… until now. New York Straight Men is a great site that features real hot studs from NYC.

Paul loves his feet licked and toes sucked, so he directed Jeremy to get down there and get to work. Jeremy got he mouth right on Paul’s feet and licked and worshiped them with the gusto that Paul demanded.


Next, Paul wanted his cock sucked. So once again, Jeremy moved his mouth from Paul’s feet to his cock. Jeremy sucked Paul’s cock like there was no tomorrow!


Now, that got Paul in the mood to fuck some ass! Once again, Jeremy obliged Paul’s demands and bent over and spread his cheeks and got mounted by Paul. However, Jeremy got off a little easy, Paul lost control and dumped his load deep in Jeremy’s ass just a few minutes after he started. So Paul pulled out of Jeremy’s ass, ordered Jeremy onto the floor, face up and tossed the cum filled condom on Jeremy’s chest and let Jeremy jack off while he stood over him.


Its one of those movies that makes true the old saying. when left alone” Boys will be boys!

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