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Brenden and Brock Fucking Hard

Brenden Cage and Brock Armstrong

Brock and Brenden are clearly into each other from the get go, grabbing and pawing at each other’s broad chests and bulging muscles. Brock gets down on his knees to take Brenden’s hot cock in his warm, wet mouth. Within seconds Brenden has a raging hard-on. Brenden hops up on the bed and bends over, exposing his tight, tasty asshole. Brock licks and laps at it eagerly. They role into a sideways 69 position where Brock goes back to work on Brenden’s cock, while Brenden licks his feet. The boys decide that’s enough foreplay and Brock lays down and spreads his legs to take Brenden’s hard tool up his ass, bareback. Breathy moans of pleasure pour out from both studs as they fuck away, missionary, cowboy, and doggy-style until Brock can’t hold back and cums while being pounded from behind. He lays back, exhausted and Brenden hovers over him, stroking his meat until he gushes all over Brock’s mouth and chest.


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Tony Returns

Our hot friend Tony returns for a blow job after playing softball with his buddies all afternoon!

Tony arrived sweaty and a bit grimy but he was super horny and as he puts it needed to “bust a nut, BIG TIME”.

Christian was on cocksucking detail that day and didn’t mind that Tony was a bit ripe after his softball game.


In this movie Tony cums TWICE!

Christian got right to work, down between Tony’s legs, enjoying the “man funk” and sucked Tony’s hard hairy cock. Tony was super horny and busted his nut within in a few minutes, but we wasn’t done just yet.

Tony told Christian to keep sucking cause we wanted to drop another load, so Christian did what he was told and Tony did what he said he wanted to; he shot a whole new load!

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Aaron the Beginning

Fratboy Aaron was spotted on the street as we were waiting for another model’s interview to start.

He has since been seen here on ManAvenue in his own video blog and previous episode. 
If you missed his blog, you need to see it – this hot stud sucks his own dick and knows you like looking.

See how it all started in “Aaron: The Beginning”.


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Big-dicked Jessy Karson Drinks His Own Cum!

He pulls his legs up and exposes his perfect little asshole to the camera’s unblinking eye. The lens is right there and you get a perfect shot of his most private entrance as Jessy brings his fingers to his mouth and coats them in his own spit before returning them to his ass and shoving them inside his body.

Jessy takes a second to carefully set the camera for his cum shot – looks like he’s got something special in mind! Once he’s happy with the framing he gives the most adorable look to the camera and starts to furiously beat his meat. A couple seconds later he’s ready and pulls his legs over his head and aims his rock hard cock directly at his own face!


Umm wow! What an impressive humongous cock and huge messy facial cumshot!
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Country Boy Derrick

First off I have to thank all of the girls out there that love to show off their boyfriends. Derrick happens to be one of those guys. I actually received an email from Derrick’s girlfriend along with some pictures of Derrick. I knew before I opened them that he was going to be hot. Every time a girl has been the first to contact me about their friend, the boys have turned out to be a home run.

Derrick is 22 years old from a small town in North Georgia. He played soccer all through high school when he wasn’t playing with the girls. Just like most hot southern boys, Derrick has fucked his share of girls in a Chick-Fil-A parking lot. He definitely has a wild side and he’s not afraid to admit it.

If you have ever spent a summer day in Georgia, you know that it can get hot and sticky. Derrick happened to show up on one of the hottest days of the year. We felt that this was a perfect opportunity to have a little outdoor fun so we decided to film Derrick out on the deck. Before we started, Derrick saw that there was a shower outdoors and asked if he could cool himself off first.

I am never one to miss out on an opportunity so I handed Derrick a bar of soap and turned on the cameras and sat back and watched Derrick put on a show. It was so hot (literally) watching Derrick soap up his rock hard body and work his cock to attention. He doesn’t disappoint those of you that love a hot straight boy’s ass. Derrick probes his hairy ass with his fingers as he works on his rod. Look for Derrick to pay us another visit real soon.


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Smokey Joey is Fucking Hot

Ever been around one of those guys that just exudes masculinity and oozes sexuality?  “Smokey Joey” is one of those guys.

Sitting on the balcony, dick hanging out of his towel, smoking a cigarette — well, it just doesn’t get much better…

…But it does…  The way he talks directly to you in his deep voice: “you want it in your mouth, or do you want it in your ass?” is enough to make you cum without even watching the rest of the video.

Go ahead, jack your cock and cum while listening to him talk….  Then beat it again while watching his hot video of smoking, posing, stroking and blowing a nasty load.

Then lay back with Joey as he lights up another one.


Manavenue’s Joey is smoking hot, as you can clearly see here. Watch him stroke that huge dick of his and shoot streams of hot cum!