Today was a great day for Nurse AJ, not only had he learned the ropes from the one of the most respected all be it new physicians at the clinic but he had his first patient he would be assisting Dr. Jizzerman with. AJ walks into the reception area to call in the sexy senor wrestler Austin Grant who was getting his physical for the wrestling team today. Dr. Jizzerman basically supervised the young nurse as he did the basic examination.

Once he was done testing his reflexes, AJ had Austin get undressed and got him on the scale. Afterward the nurse had him remove all his clothes and then get on the examination table. Aj got close to Grants dick as he examined his cock and brought the attention to Dr. Jizzerman. The good doctor took a look and then inserted Austin’s dick into his mouth and started to suck on it like there was no tomorrow and AJ quickly joined in. After some cock worship it was time for the edurance test. Austin got up from the exam table as Dr. Jizzerman bent over in front of AJ.

He started to push his cock into the doctors ass as he instructed Grant how to process with the test. Austin took the position behind Jizzerman and began thrusting in deep into that tight ass. His nine inch cock was balls deep inside the docs ass. Within a few minutes Austin felt himself shooting a massive load inside the good doctor but that didn’t stop him. The young wrestler continued plowing that sweet ass. Without missing a beat he flipped the doctor over onto his back and kept jackhammering his sore hole. Austin pulls out and starts jerking it, shooting another massive load onto the doctor and leaving AJ to lick it up with his mouth.


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