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Cameron has never been with another guy before. He has a girlfriend who has encouraged him to mess around with men on camera. It gets her off and lets him play with guys in the process. He admits that he’s really nervous and you can see that he doesn’t really know what to when Eric starts going into his pants. It’s not long though before he lets things flow naturally because before he even takes his pants off, his cock is hard as a rock!

Eric gives Cameron’s dick the royal treatment. He fondles it gently and with each tug he gives his fellow lifeguard, Cameron give a short quiet moan. Eric tugs both of their cocks and you can see the interest in Cameron’s face as he can’t take his eyes off of Eric’s growing dick.

Eric soon tires of just the handjob thing. He soon goes down on Cameron and works his head, shaft and balls with his warm wet mouth and tongue. Cameron admits that it feels great and compliments Eric on how good he is at giving head. Eric can’t get enough and the nice big shaft goes in and out of his mouth as Cameron’s nutsack holds firm with it’s two big balls nestled firmly at the base of his cock.


Cameron says that his girlfriend was right – that he should have tried this a long time ago. He takes Eric’s head and pushes down, holding tight as he face fucks the other lifeguard. He stands and leans against the American flag as he pumps away on Eric’s mouth and throat. Eric holds firm with his lips wrapped firmly around the other lifeguard’s dick, not moving as he lets Cameron do all the work. Cameron is getting worked up moaning and groaning and Eric continues to jack himself off as the hard cock moves in and out of his face.

Cameron seems to be getting close when he decides its best to slow down. He’s still doing all the work, but this time he takes Eric’s head and uses it to service himself before he goes back to the mouth drilling. He continues moaning and groaning until he pulls out and blows his nice hefty load all over Eric. Eric gets so excited he shoots his wad all over his own stomach and the two of them are left in their own juicy messes to catch their breath as they pant away, gulping for air.


Lifeguards Cameron and Eric

Mikey is one hot motherfucker stud! He’s a member of All American Heroes, a website that features only best uniformed studs – military, navy, firemen, cops and more!

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Masculine sexual animal Mikey bangs sexy latino stud Fabian with his powerful throbbing cock.

Fabian slides the raging boner into his warm hole, plunging it deep inside his tight crack. The firefighter pulverizes his hot Latin ass, making him moan out in ecstasy.

Ready for even more ass stretching fun, Mikey flips Fabian on his back while still inside him. Taking his legs up in the air, Mikey slams his swollen shaft in and out of his little sex buddy. After several minutes of plowing Fabian’s hungry hole, Mikey pulls out to unleash his built up load. Squirting out hot man cum all over Fabian’s face, releasing every drop on him. Fabian then busts a huge load of gooey nectar, pouring out onto his 6 pack and neck.


Short preview video:

Mikey is one hot motherfucker stud! He’s a member of All American Heroes, a website that features only best uniformed studs – military, navy, firemen, cops and more!

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All American Heroes is a huge collection of real marines, cops and other uniformed studs who agree to have gay sex for a small fee!


The cute Staff Sergeant John meets up with the sexy stud Maddock to help him with some tension down where all men want some release. John is clearly infatuated with Maddock’s manly demeanor and takes multiple sneak peeks of him when he isn’t looking. After chatting and sharing some stories for a while, they get down to business and start what they really came for…cocksucking.

John shows Maddock what blowjobs are like by a guy when he puts his warm, wet orifice around Maddock’s huge penis head, sucking it down to the base of his shaft. Maddock clearly enjoys his mouth already, because he reaches a full erection instantly. Licking up and down the firefighter’s stunning dick, John starts to deep throat the throbbing cock, making him even harder. He works and swallows up every inch of Maddock’s huge man sausage.

John keeps that dick rock hard as he face-fucks himself with Maddock’s stiff rod, getting his friend ready to burst with sweet juices. Finally pushing Maddock over the edge, he squirts out gigantic streams of hot cum all over John’s face. The camera pans to John’s smiling face, which is plastered with an enormous amount of moist, creamy cum dripping down from his forehead. 


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Firefighter Stretches a Nice, Tight Hole

Firefighter Mikey is back again this week to rail the hot, muscular ass of Special Ops Robert. It seems that Robert really wanted a massive cock in his hungry hole, because he loves every minute of getting rammed by Mikey! And Mikey is damn good at stretching a nice, tight hole like Robert’s.

They begin eyeing each other off and on, watching each other’s packages with an intense sexual curiosity. Mikey takes off his pants, looking over at Robert with eyes of eagerness to get his throbbing penis sucked. Without hesitating, he instantly sticks that great dick in his warm mouth, getting it lubed up for the action to cum.

After a lot of cock sucking and learning how much Robert’s mouth could take, Mikey flings up his legs to see how deep his thick shaft could get into that delicious manhole. Mikey’s dick slides in perfectly, Robert taking it all the way up in his ass, enjoying every second of it. The firefighter’s manly hairy pecs look great towering above Robert’s equally hirsute chest. Mikey pounds that hot ass until he finally shoots a load all over Robert’s adorable face. After pleasing his firefighter and getting fucked, Robert cums leaving a creamy white load all over his furry torso with a smile on his face.


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Hung Lifeguard Is Serviced!

Lifeguard Mark and Special Ops Robert meet today for the first time and instantly hit it off. Mark starts telling his new buddy stories about his adventures as a lifeguard at the beach. They laugh and talk together like they have known one another for years; however, they are about to experience each other in a whole new way!

They begin by playing with themselves, making their boys harder and harder. Robert peeks over as Mark slips a hand down his pants, eagerly waiting to see that rock hard dick. When he finally pulls out the huge shaft, Robert’s eyes light up with an excitement that reflects every gay man’s wish to suck a nice, big penis. He slowly puts his hand on Mark’s cock, jerking him off right before he leans down to put his warm mouth over the awaiting monster’s head.

Mark moans as his dick is getting worked over by Robert’s insatiable cock-sucking skills. Robert gets down on all-fours, while slurping down Mark’s hot rod, showing off his hairy, muscular ass for all to see. Mark is finally ready to explode and unleashes a complete facial all over Robert, which turns him on even more. Robert then fingers himself and strokes his cock, making it burst with hot, juicy cum streaking onto his big, furry chest. This is definitely one HOT blowjob video!



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Firefighter Tears Devin a New One

Firefighter Mikey and Civilian Devin are two of the hottest, sexual men with an abundant amount of chemistry that would make any man want to see them fuck. Just watching them talk to each other, one can see the energy building up between them, so the sex can begin.

The men get undressed, slowly stroking their cocks in preparation for the fun to cum. Devin looks over at Mikey’s amazing dick asking if he can help him out and the cock sucking begins! He works Mikey’s cock until he is finally over it and is ready to get fucked. Devin gets on all fours sticking his muscular ass in the air, so Mikey can stick his rod in that tight hole. Civilian Devin takes it like a champ working his fine ass against Mikey’s rock hard dick.

As they both get into a fucking frenzy, Mikey pulls out of that warm ass and rips of his condom. They both stand up, jacking off together trying to out-cum one another. Both of them blow huge loads of white, thick semen all over the sheets in the studio, moaning all the while. This is definitely one of the hottest cum shots, but you can decide who wins the game…


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Horse Hung Navy Seal Tex

There’s a new Navy Seal in town and his name is Tex. Tex is currently in the Navy training for the day that his country needs him to be on the battle field. With his well toned muscles and washboard abs, he is a force to be reckoned with. Tex takes pride in his speed and endurance that he vigorously trains each day to maintain. His training definitely shows in his rock hard thighs and his amazing stamina.

This man’s stanmina is so incredible that his cock stayed thick and stiff through the entire time he was stroking his huge meat. Tex must have made all the guys in the barracks jealous of how big he is when they glanced at the monstrous dick in the showers.

Now massaging his pecker with both of his manly hands, Tex starts to edge but resist the urge to cum. Tex put in a good effort but when a man needs to cum nothing holds him back. Moaning loudly, a thick creamy shot flies out of his mushroom and lands on Tex’s furry six-pack. After the initial load, white creams slowly dribbles out of his bulb coating his hand with warm, viscous jizz.



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What happens when you get a Firefighter, a Marine, and a Cop-to-be, together with a camera? Well, while all pants were still on, the guys had a good time swapping stories. It was clear that USMC Sam was thinking about swapping something else with Police Explorer Walden. The video pops on and all eyes are on the banging in the background, except again for that wandering eye of Marine Sam. Firefighter Mikey can barely wait to pull his hose out of his ever-tightening pants. Shortly after, he tugs his shirt off of his strong and furry chest. With the excitement growing, Sam can’ wait to get his mouth on our young Police Cadet. Using the manners he learned in the Marine Corps, Sam gives Walden more than a hand. Mikey’s cock gets almost painfully hard watching Sam slurp and drool all over Walden’s balls, and he is not too shy to ask for some attention as well. Sam is going to town with his nose embedded in Mikey’s thigh. While licking his sack (and other places), a hand drifts into framed smiling Walden is on the other end of it. Before you know it both guys are hovering over Sam’s hungry mouth with their hard cocks in hand eagerly waiting their turn. When Mikey starts to thrust and lets out his loudest grunt, he hoses down Sam’s shoulder. Walden follows immediately after, popping his load all over our proud Marine’s chin and dribbling down his rock hard chest.

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