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If you like rough sex, this is a video for you! Nate is a straight guy who wanted to see what’s the whole fuss about anal sex and getting fucked by another man. He heard that the orgasms are much stronger and that you basically have to let another man help you discover your inner female side.

And boy oh boy, did we nail him hard and strong! We fucked him more than an hour and a half, he was totally broken in by the end of the session!

Nate works as a construction worker and he considered himself straight, but was always curious to find out if the anal fucking really unleashes the most powerful orgasms on earth, and I think he found it to be true. He moaned and yelled like a little girl having her first sex and orgasms.

This recording is defo not for those who are squeamish. It’s down and dirty hard man-to-man sex with our rock-hard dicks plowing his virgin, up-to-that-point straight ass. He was very vocal and screamed loudly. Damn, I always get goosebumps whenever I watch this video, it’s so filled with the primal animal male lust!


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Some of you may recognize them from Xtube and MaverickMan222. Hunter and Cole have been in love and lust for over ten years. They love making videos of all the hot, fun times we had together. They take their camera with them everywhere and document their real-life sex-capades together and with other hot guys. They go camping, hiking, clubbing, and traveling all over the place. You name the place, and they whip out their camera and cocks and film it.


He wanted to investigate the situation in a prison-camp.  When the reporter tried to bribe the guard he got a more in-depth view into how they treat their prisoners than he ever wanted to have.

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As the name itself implies, Gay War Games follows the stories that happen in a fictional country called Tchukistan. It’s a country completely devastated by war and ripe with all kinds of immoral and hot things, such as soldiers randomly abducting young hot boys and fucking them mercilessly! The soldiers are usually big studly motherfuckers with an excess of testosterone and the boys are willing to take the chance with these abusive army thugs. All the soldiers are properly dressed in military camouflage uniforms and combat boots!


Hot Italian Gay Stud Manuel Sucks Cock

Meet Manuel! He is a 26-years old Italian lad and studies engineering. He has a boyfriend and they’ve been together for a year and a half. He also noted that his boyfriend wasn’t terribly happy about his porn video debut, but…

He has a very nice, well-built body and his 7-inch cock is a pleasure to look at. Also his bubble butt looks very inviting!

Like almost all Italian men he thinks he is a top, but I wanted to test him and see if he can do bottom stuff. He did extremely well! What do you think?


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LucasKazan is one of the few sites that feature real Italian men, in all their hunky glory. You won’t see these guys anywhere else, so hurry up and prepare for months of worth of jerkoff material!