It was a happy day on last month when tall, lean, hung and hunky Aiden Lane returned after almost 5 years. Apparently he had some unfinished business and the CJB crew knew just what that was: a visit to his back door – enter Phillip Heritage, literally! Phillip’s tongue starts to explore as these two begin wresting with each other to strip each other’s clothes off. Soon Aiden is standing with his meaty cock sticking thru the fly in his boxers as Phillip starts to get a sample of it. Aiden then flips him back on to the couch as he strips off his boxers. “Oh it’s my turn?” Phillip teases as Aiden goes to work on his growing meat. All this talk is fueling Phillip who, with big puppy eyes, looks up at Aiden and begs “I want you to fuck me!”Aiden lifts Phillip’s legs high and aims his thick meat at that pink ass. “My girlfriend screams my name when I fuck her’, Aiden grunts ‘Say my name!” Phillip obliges as he screams out “A mother fuckin AIDEN” Aiden then gives his sweet ass up for Phillip who is more than happy to fuck Aiden til he makes him cum. Aiden watches as Phillip pounds away at his ass, and it sends him over the edge. Phillip fucks him harder, making him shoot all over his chest and abs. Whew. Phillip then pulls out and shoots his own load, all over one cum-coated Aiden.


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