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Active Duty –

Active Duty is back with something really, really special in their Videos Of The Week section that I’ve been waiting to see for nearly five long years now. Fan Favorite Thomas has returned to the Active Duty fold after a long absence. I’m not sure if he did a lot of thinking during that downtime or some fantasizing and experimenting, but something gave him an itch to give bottoming another try and this time it was an epic event.

This scene also marks another first for Active Duty’s gorgeous new stud, Bric. He mans up and takes the next challenge, fucking Thomas like there’s no tomorrow. That big, beautiful uncut cock is just what the doctor ordered for Thomas’ hunger and Bric takes the task on with serious fervor. Thomas ends up liking that cock so much that he starts pounding back on it at one point, fucking it himself as Bric meets him in the middle.

I think you’ll be amazed at how into the moment Thomas was and just how damn horny this made him.



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MenOver30 – Spencer Fucks Diego Hard & Deep

Wow! This fucking session was scorching hot! Diego Vena and Spencer Reed get down on each other like there’s no tomorrow.

The two start off by getting intimate with each other on the couch. Diego is the first to break the ice and starts to lick Spencer’s massive chest and abs.

Diego doesn’t stop at the stomach, but proceeds all the way to Spencer’s crotch area where he encounters Spencer’s magnificent hard thick cock! Diego tries to deep throat Spencer’s fuck stick and he is pretty good at it. With every try he gets more and more of it deep inside his throat.

Next, Spencer tells Diego to bend over so he can first lubricate that pretty ass before he shoves his hard, fat cock into his asshole. Diego moans while he gets ready to be penetrated and mercilessly fucked by Spencer’s raging hard dick. Diego knows that his little tight ass is gonna be brutally stretched and will never be so tight again.

Spencer eats Diego’s ass and then begins to finger it, which drives Diego mad. “You want dick?” Spencer devilishly asks Diego as he gets into the proper position for fucking and begins to slide his cock inside Diego’s ass.

Spencer starts to really pound Diego, it’s now some quite serious fucking going on. Spencer enjoys Diego’s ass a lot and makes comments such as “Ride that dick!”.

Next Spencer puts Diego on his back and goes on him the missionary style. His cock just disappears into the depths of Diego’s ass.

Spencer pulls out and shoots his big load all over Diego’s face and head. Diego wanks his own cock until he shoots his wad too. This was one very hot fucking session with very hot mature men!



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D.O. and Erik Rhodes are driving through a fantastic landscape when perfectly built and muscular D.O. stops and says he wants to take a sip of water. He is shirtless and the sun’s heat is making him hornier and hornier by the minute.

When they stopped it became obvious that D.O. wanted much more than to make a little break for water. D.O. wants to taste Erik’s nice big dick. He puts it into his mouth and starts to service Erik with all his passion and skill. Erik fucks D.O.’s face. Just take a look at these two superhot men having a great time in the backdrop of the awesome nature.

After some more cocksucking, D.O. bends over the roll bar of the jeep Erik’s meaty round ass and starts to tongue, rim and finger his ass crack. D.O. prepares Erik’s hole for some wild fucking and he does it in the expert way.

Erik holds tightly to the roll bar and D.O. starts to bang his ass mercilessly. D.O. pulls Erik’s legs in the air to enable the best possible penetration of his nice stiff cock. He bangs Erik with all his fervor and might leading to the inevitable finale that ends with a huge bang – Erik receives D.O.’s cumshot directly on the face. After he has caught Erik’s squirt, Erik strokes his dick until he gets himself off too.



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Our young horny twink Leo James is back and this time he is hornier than ever before. Old master Sebastian Kane wants to use Leo’s limitless sex drive to his advantage.

Sebastian strokes Leo’s dick harder and harder, but keeps him at the egde for hours. He teases the young boy but doesn’t allow him to cum. Just when Leo thinks it’s finally time for him to shoot his wad, Sebastian stops and watches the young boy squirm with lust and anger!

Then, after quite some time, Leo was allowed to cum, you can bet it’s going to be a massive spraying of his cum!



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Cameron has never been with another guy before. He has a girlfriend who has encouraged him to mess around with men on camera. It gets her off and lets him play with guys in the process. He admits that he’s really nervous and you can see that he doesn’t really know what to when Eric starts going into his pants. It’s not long though before he lets things flow naturally because before he even takes his pants off, his cock is hard as a rock!

Eric gives Cameron’s dick the royal treatment. He fondles it gently and with each tug he gives his fellow lifeguard, Cameron give a short quiet moan. Eric tugs both of their cocks and you can see the interest in Cameron’s face as he can’t take his eyes off of Eric’s growing dick.

Eric soon tires of just the handjob thing. He soon goes down on Cameron and works his head, shaft and balls with his warm wet mouth and tongue. Cameron admits that it feels great and compliments Eric on how good he is at giving head. Eric can’t get enough and the nice big shaft goes in and out of his mouth as Cameron’s nutsack holds firm with it’s two big balls nestled firmly at the base of his cock.


Cameron says that his girlfriend was right – that he should have tried this a long time ago. He takes Eric’s head and pushes down, holding tight as he face fucks the other lifeguard. He stands and leans against the American flag as he pumps away on Eric’s mouth and throat. Eric holds firm with his lips wrapped firmly around the other lifeguard’s dick, not moving as he lets Cameron do all the work. Cameron is getting worked up moaning and groaning and Eric continues to jack himself off as the hard cock moves in and out of his face.

Cameron seems to be getting close when he decides its best to slow down. He’s still doing all the work, but this time he takes Eric’s head and uses it to service himself before he goes back to the mouth drilling. He continues moaning and groaning until he pulls out and blows his nice hefty load all over Eric. Eric gets so excited he shoots his wad all over his own stomach and the two of them are left in their own juicy messes to catch their breath as they pant away, gulping for air.


Lifeguards Cameron and Eric

Mikey is one hot motherfucker stud! He’s a member of All American Heroes, a website that features only best uniformed studs – military, navy, firemen, cops and more!

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I knew that the cute hung boy Ivan was lusting over me (or my huge cock, not sure!) so I tried not to make the interview too long. Ivan told me he really likes to give head – which soon proved to be totally true! However, he is obviously also very fond of bottoming for hung men who can fill him up and ravage his little ass!

Sometimes I get a bit sad when I think about bottom guys with such big cocks like Ivan’s – if they only were a bit more versatile… he could make a man happy.




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After taking some verbal abuse from the boys, Jake is forced onto his knees. With a cock in each
hole this dick hungry slut is tag teamed by myself (I’m Angelo) and Anthony. This is pretty much
the norm in our frat house. We smoke a bowl, talk some shit and then some frathouse bitch ends
up getting plowed in both holes. There is no bigger frat bitch than Jake. Even though he won’t
admit it, he definitely loves making these vids.



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Jimmy intends to spend a couple of months in the West in “Big Sky Country”. He promised to help his brother round up cattle! You see, Jimmy was born out West and currently works for NYPD and NYC Parks in the equestrian department. So Jimmy is defo an Urban Cowboy, yey!

We thought it would be really unfair for him to be without a good blowjob for such a long time and so we invited him to come over and let our resident cocksucker Trey blow him.

Jimmy was unusually relaxed during this blowjob, I guess our cocksucking has influenced this man in such a positive way that he feels totally relaxed and cool with a guy blowing him.

While Trey was blowing him, I have a sneaking suspicion that Jimmy didn’t actually think about Trey but about some of his girlfriends… but that’s OK!

In the end Jimmy blew a huge load which surprised Trey as well!

This is truly a hot blowjob session and we’re proud of this movie a lot. It even has a unique twist towards the end…. and OMG, Jimmy is so handsome and hot!


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