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Hard Trainer Devin Draz Pounds Hans Vonfersen

Devin Draz has been hired by Hans VonFersen to whip him into shape. Hans already looks like he already knows his way around a gym, so we’re suspecting he has some ulterior motives. Those motives soon become apparent when he’s bobbing up and down on Devin’s cock while doing pushups. With Devin at full mast, it’s time for Hans to do another set of squats, up and down on Devin’s hard dick. Hans is ordered to bend over a nearby machine so Devin can really lay into his tight asshole. He fucks Hans hard and fast, causing Hans to cum while still being pounded. Devin jumps to his feet and explodes all over Hans face in an intense orgasm. Both guys agree, same time and place next week.


Devin Draz is one of my absolutely favorite hunks nowadays. He’s big, studly, muscled and so full of energy. Very respectable cock too. I just love to watch as Devin fucks some nice tight ass or gets pounded.

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Girth Brooks and Jake Cruise

Girth Brooks is a man whom the lord has endowed with a great, huge gift. Girth and the tree trunk dangling beneath his furry forest are here to play with me.  Praise the lord and his bounty! I peel him out of his clothes and surprise Girth and myself by swallowing his mast down to his balls. I surprise even myself! I undress and we compare cock sizes. It’s close (yeah right!) but I think Girth might have me by a smidge. I suck Girth some more and we frott a bunch which I find super-hot. I even contemplated taking that thing up the butt, then decided that it’s in my ass’s best interest to pass this time. Otherwise it may be the last scene I ever do. Girth fucks my thighs and then my face before shooting his sweet juice. I crank out a load of my own while Girth straddles my chest. I’m truly in heavenly bliss.


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Aden and Jordan Jaric Fucking

After his arrival at the inn Aden Jaric hits the bathroom to freshen up. Sitting alone, he gazes at his reflection in the mirror and starts to rub his naked body. Jordan Jaric comes in with some towels and is instantly mesmerized by what he sees. Their eyes lock and Aden issues an unspoken invitation that Jordan accepts. He strips down and Aden is quickly on his knees sucking his cock. Then it’s the valet’s turn to service his guest and he gobbles Aden’s dick down with gusto. He starts to prep Jordan’s hole by digging his tongue in deep; then he fucks him. The men switch up so Jordan can aggressively plow Aden’s bunghole. Both jocks build up a sweat and continue screwing in the shower. Despite the water raining down on them, their passion continues to sizzle. Jordan pulls his dick out and splashes Aden’s rump with his cum. Then Aden sits down and both men stroke their cocks. Jordan shoots a second load while the grateful guest responds with his own hefty discharge.


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Jonathan Engulfs Trent

Jonathan Bartell engulfs Trent Davis as if he were a starving man and Trent’s sexual energy is his only sustenance.  Jonathan could not keep his hands off Trent even while getting ready for the shoot.  With that much pent up sexual energy this was sure to be one hell of a video.  Trent Is such a hottie with that nice natural pattern of chest hair, that amazing body and beautiful bubble butt. 

And when Jonathan strips down and shows off his nice thick body fur and big hard cock you know you’re in for a treat.  Jonathan was already trying to get at Trent’s dick through his sexy underwear and after working him up to a huge throbbing hardon he whipped his own one out and trend gave him such a blowjob, deepthroating his cock like his life depended on it.  Bu as much as Jonathan liked the attention, he wanted Trent’s ass even more, rimming it the first chance he got.  But he was just preparing it for the hot ass pounding he was about to give it.  If you were going to make a manual on how to have the hottest gay sex then this would have to be the main illustration.


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Spanish Seductions

Spanish Seductions– Photos/Clip – In Lucas Entertainment’s Spanish Seductions, director Michael Lucas takes the most sexual, aggressive and passionate men from around the world and converges them in one city. Eight men representing sever different nations come together for 5 explosive sex scenes! Featuring Lucas Entertainment Jonathan Agassi and the return of Rafael Carreras, with Maikel Cash, Axel Brooks, Leonardo Lujan, Bruno Jones, Thierry Lamasse, and Pavlvs Guell.

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Girth Brooks Fucks Hans VonFersen

Hans VonFersen has been so much fun to work with that we’ve decided to give him a present….a BIG present! Hans is like a kid on Christmas morning when he sees that Girth Brooks is who he gets to unwrap. Hans attacks Girth with such fervor that for a second we almost start to worry!

But as Girth’s MONSTER cock begins to grow it becomes clear that he’s is doing just fine. Our blond bottoms energy level never waivers, even when Girth is nearly splitting that ass in two. It feels so good that Hans cranks out a load while still being pounded. The icing on the cake for Hans (so to speak) is a sticky facial courtesy of the hunky, hairy & hung Girth Brooks.

Short preview video:

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The cute Staff Sergeant John meets up with the sexy stud Maddock to help him with some tension down where all men want some release. John is clearly infatuated with Maddock’s manly demeanor and takes multiple sneak peeks of him when he isn’t looking. After chatting and sharing some stories for a while, they get down to business and start what they really came for…cocksucking.

John shows Maddock what blowjobs are like by a guy when he puts his warm, wet orifice around Maddock’s huge penis head, sucking it down to the base of his shaft. Maddock clearly enjoys his mouth already, because he reaches a full erection instantly. Licking up and down the firefighter’s stunning dick, John starts to deep throat the throbbing cock, making him even harder. He works and swallows up every inch of Maddock’s huge man sausage.

John keeps that dick rock hard as he face-fucks himself with Maddock’s stiff rod, getting his friend ready to burst with sweet juices. Finally pushing Maddock over the edge, he squirts out gigantic streams of hot cum all over John’s face. The camera pans to John’s smiling face, which is plastered with an enormous amount of moist, creamy cum dripping down from his forehead. 


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Both studs are smokin’ hot and will surely make your dick hard and happy!

Landon and Josh Fucking

After soaking up the sunshine outside for a spell, Landon Conrad and Josh Griffin retreat indoors for some intense R&R. Without missing a beat, they dissolve into each other’s arms kissing and stroking. Josh is the first to go down and enjoy his partner’s romper stomper. The curve of Landon’s cock sliding easily up into his mouth produces a sensation both find hard to beat and soon the lovers trade off so they can share the experience equally. Then Josh lays back with his legs spread apart, his asshole ready to be prodded and Landon is already there pumping his thunderstick in and out. The fucking continues with Landon standing behind Josh, then with both men laying on their sides. There’s no end to the ass assault and Josh wouldn’t have it any other way. The pleasured pain of a thick dick up his ass soon becomes too much and he jacks himself off to climax and cum. Then he lays back with his arm around Landon and watches his friend stroke himself and finally blast his hefty load.




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