Girth Brooks is a man whom the lord has endowed with a great, huge gift. Girth and the tree trunk dangling beneath his furry forest are here to play with me.  Praise the lord and his bounty! I peel him out of his clothes and surprise Girth and myself by swallowing his mast down to his balls. I surprise even myself! I undress and we compare cock sizes. It’s close (yeah right!) but I think Girth might have me by a smidge. I suck Girth some more and we frott a bunch which I find super-hot. I even contemplated taking that thing up the butt, then decided that it’s in my ass’s best interest to pass this time. Otherwise it may be the last scene I ever do. Girth fucks my thighs and then my face before shooting his sweet juice. I crank out a load of my own while Girth straddles my chest. I’m truly in heavenly bliss.


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