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Slow Heat In a Texas Town

Do you like fucking in nature? If so, check out this movie from TITANMEN.

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Dorian, a Military Stud

When I was in my early twenties there were barracks near the place where I live. I would walk up to there and just sit on a bench so I could stare at all those young, strong soldiers. What a sight that was! All those deep voices and stomping of military boots had a hyptnotizing effect on me, and on my cock.

A man in uniform looks very hot. The uniform accentates man’s masculinity and physical strength and vigor. In other words, man in uniform commands respect and tells you he is not going to shy away from using his muscles, guns or whatever other means of force he has at his disposal.

Dorian is the epitome of a goodlooking, hard bodied, military stud. He’s the type of soldier you’d like to meet in a dark alley, fall on your knees and just worship his big uncut cock.

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Cocksure Alain Shows Off His Body and Cock!

Alain Lamas might be the cockiest model we’ve ever filmed. He knows he’s hot and isn’t afraid to tell you so. He even uses his real name!

Watch hunky, hairy, and super-ripped Alain in this sizzlin’ solo.

Bo Dean and Dark Ramsey Fucking

Tattooed muscle gods Bo Dean and Dak Ramsey get together for one helluva hot time. Passionate kissing and cock sucking pave the way for Bo to pound Dak’s tight asshole with no mercy. Hard and fast is the only way Bo knows how to fuck and Dak loves it. Our inked up studs finish by cumming simultaneously on Dak’s stomach.

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Horse Hung Jessie Clinton Sucks Himself Off

Jessie’s 8 inch uncut cock is already rock hard as he sits back on the couch and casually tugs at his balls. He glances down at his rod quickly then bends over and starts slurping on that knob for all he’s worth! Deelicious!”

“His hand is a quick blur on his massive 8 inch uncut cock as he leans forward and gives one last lick to the head of that monster as the cum starts flying. The first shot glances off his chin and lands with a splat on his chest. The second massive shot of jizz squirts directly into his open mouth as he greedily gulps it down then opens wide for more!”

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Tristan Bull in Sweatsuit Jerks Off

Tristan Bull is back and his horns are hard and ready. After having a good workout in the gym he sits on an easychair, takes out his massive cock and strokes it. I really like Tristan, he’s one of my favourite studs!

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What happens when you get a Firefighter, a Marine, and a Cop-to-be, together with a camera? Well, while all pants were still on, the guys had a good time swapping stories. It was clear that USMC Sam was thinking about swapping something else with Police Explorer Walden. The video pops on and all eyes are on the banging in the background, except again for that wandering eye of Marine Sam. Firefighter Mikey can barely wait to pull his hose out of his ever-tightening pants. Shortly after, he tugs his shirt off of his strong and furry chest. With the excitement growing, Sam can’ wait to get his mouth on our young Police Cadet. Using the manners he learned in the Marine Corps, Sam gives Walden more than a hand. Mikey’s cock gets almost painfully hard watching Sam slurp and drool all over Walden’s balls, and he is not too shy to ask for some attention as well. Sam is going to town with his nose embedded in Mikey’s thigh. While licking his sack (and other places), a hand drifts into framed smiling Walden is on the other end of it. Before you know it both guys are hovering over Sam’s hungry mouth with their hard cocks in hand eagerly waiting their turn. When Mikey starts to thrust and lets out his loudest grunt, he hoses down Sam’s shoulder. Walden follows immediately after, popping his load all over our proud Marine’s chin and dribbling down his rock hard chest.

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Alessio’s roommate can’t keep his clothes on. What else to do, with a fat cock and a round butt on display 24/7? Sweet temptation.

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