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Who would have thought that almost three years have passed since we filmed this movie? It’s fresh in my memory as if it was filmed yesterday.

Anyway Evan was a newcomer in this shoot and he got along with Preston and Buck very well. Buck was hungry for cock as ever, and Preston was charming with his southern country smile as always.

This was also Evan’s first time in gay porn. It’s always interesting to observe these guys when they’re making their first steps in gay sex. This time around he got to fuck another guy for the first time ever.

So Evan begins to fuck Preston and Buck sucked on Preston’s cock. Buck’s ass was prepared nicely and was now ready to receive cock. Preston and Evan got into the "train position" and fucked each other.

These three studs fucked for hours taking turns and filling each other’s asses with their cocks. What more can a man wish for? At the end there was quite a big cumsplatter and the boys made a real nice mess.


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Southern Strokes features hot Southern guys from the USA. These rural dudes are hot and full of life, and they are eager to show off or fuck somebody. Check them out!

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There were plans to put together Trevor Laster and Logan Taylor last time, but it just didn’t happen for some reason or another. But then last weekend we invited them again and I already knew we’re in for a big surprise.

It seemed as if Trevor and Logan were old fuck buddies (although they hadn’t known each other before this occasion). They were obviously so into each other that I just let them do whatever they thought was necessary and left the camera rolling.

First Logan took Trevor’s head and pulled him closer so he could kiss him in the mouth. Then they blew each other’s cock and finally Logan went up, impaled on Trevor’s dick and began to ride it.

Trevor is such a lucky guy – he’s got one of the biggest and thickest dicks I’ve seen in a while and it seemed as if Logan wanted to confirm this by screaming “FUCK!” while Trevor’s big cockhead entered his ass.

It took Logan some time to get used to riding such a huge piece of man meat but eventually he got used to it (and with some encouragement from us) he finally began to ride it like a pro.

Next up, Trevor wanted to get it deep inside Logan and Logan laid back, raising his legs so that Trevor could fuck his little hole better. Logan screamed “Fuck Me Fuck Me!” like a madman.

Both guys shot their loads onto Logan’s perfect six pack and it was such a good fuck that they both uttered a sigh of relief.


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Southern Strokes features hot Southern guys from the USA. These rural dudes are hot and full of life, and they are eager to show off or fuck somebody. Check them out!

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Joey and Trevor first met each other when Joey made his first trip to the Ranch. Trevor made sure to let me know that Joey is the type of guy that he likes to give it up to. I couldn’t imagine a better guy for Joey to fuck his first time out than Trevor. If you take a good look at these two side by side, you can’t help but notice the similarity in their body types. It happens to be my favorite.

Everyone was all worked up as soon as both of these Southern Gentlemen lost their shirts. They both have naturally smooth bodies with amazing definition. Joey’s chest might be a little bigger than Trevor’s but Trevor has Joey trumped in the Biceps. I have gotta give the nod to Trevor in the cock category but don’t get me wrong, Joey is no slouch with his big 19 year old piece of meat.

They boys started making out and then Trevor went straight in for Joey’s manhood. All the while Trevor was work Joey’s meat, Joey wanted to get his hands on Trevor’s ass. It was almost a tug of war as Trevor sucked and Joey probed. Before Joey started to work on Trevor’s ass, he took Trevor’s fat cock in his mouth and worked it until it was nice and hard.

Trevor got on all fours with his hard cock bouncing up and down and Joey entered his first boy. True to most straight guys that fuck their first man, Joey didn’t exactly ease his way in. After the initial plunging, Trevor settled in for a long hard ride. Both boys worked up some fluids and they both let it loose all over Trevor’s sizzling body. There is so much cum that your gonna wanna jump in.


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Southern Strokes features hot Southern guys from the USA. These rural dudes are hot and full of life, and they are eager to show off or fuck somebody. Check them out!

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Take a listen to the interview and you will know where I found Robbie. Let’s just say he was swinging (literally) at one of my favorite watering holes. Robbie is everything about a Hot Southern Boy that you would dream about. He is 5’5” tall with a lean gymnast build, a perfect ass and a huge uncut tool swinging between his legs.

I of course invited Robbie to cum and visit me at the Ranch so that I could share him with the rest of my Southern Strokes’ Faithful. Robbie showed up and pretty much immediately got naked. He was sitting on the counter buck naked stroking his big uncut cock and talking to me like we were sittin’ out front the general store drinkin’ a pop.

I finally clued in and shut up and let him yank one out for us right there. Robbie had already made himself semi-hard so as soon as the cameras started rolling, Robbie picked up the pace. He worked his giant piece of meat with both hands as he punched his hips forward on every stroke. Robbie’s little hands on the great big thing just made his cock look even more massive.

Robbie started exploring his ass with his free hand which sent this country boy to another level. He arched his back like a good lil bottom as he finger fucked his moist hole. Robbie tugged on his shaft harder and harder as his love sac slapped against his precious ass. Robbie finished things off with a shot to his chest of gooey man batter.


Short preview video:

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Southern Strokes features hot Southern guys from the USA. These rural dudes are hot and full of life, and they are eager to show off or fuck somebody. Check them out!

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It’s Cum Flying Time

Southern guys shootin cum. What else to say?!


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Country Boy Ryan

Ok I will say it. Ryan just might be one of the South?s best kept secrets. I met a friend for lunch at one of the best Bar-B-Q restaurants in North Georgia. Just when we were about to be seated, Ryan walked out of the bathroom wearing a pair of baller shorts, a wife beater and flip flops. I am usually not that obvious when I see a boy in public that I want to film , but with this boy I didn?t even hesitate to approach him.

I could tell that Ryan was more than just a little interested in the thought of jacking off in front of a camera. Ryan had a lot of questions and didn?t exactly jump at the opportunity immediately. After what seemed like 10 conversations, Ryan finally agreed to come up to the Lake House and let us see what he was all about.

Ryan is a 19 year old college student from Georgia. He is 5’7’’ with a lean defined build and a MONSTER COCK. When you take a look at this truly baby-face, you really don’t expect there to be so much meat between his legs. This boy is really shy but just loved the looks on our faces when he pulled out his big dick. It is definitely all of 8 inches but combine that with is little 5’7’’ frame and what you get is a huge, rock hard beautiful cock.

Ryan was a bit reserved during the shoot but he was definitely getting into it. As he started to undress for the video, his cock was already throbbing before he let it out of his under wear. Not only is Ryan’s cock beautiful, his ass might even be hotter. Watching his finger disappear in this straight boy’s hole, got the entire crew hard. Ryan continued to stroke his huge cock as his finger moved in and out of his perfect pink hole. We all felt relieved when Ryan pumped his big load out of his monster. I think we should expect to see more of Ryan on Southern Strokes.


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Country Boy Derrick

First off I have to thank all of the girls out there that love to show off their boyfriends. Derrick happens to be one of those guys. I actually received an email from Derrick’s girlfriend along with some pictures of Derrick. I knew before I opened them that he was going to be hot. Every time a girl has been the first to contact me about their friend, the boys have turned out to be a home run.

Derrick is 22 years old from a small town in North Georgia. He played soccer all through high school when he wasn’t playing with the girls. Just like most hot southern boys, Derrick has fucked his share of girls in a Chick-Fil-A parking lot. He definitely has a wild side and he’s not afraid to admit it.

If you have ever spent a summer day in Georgia, you know that it can get hot and sticky. Derrick happened to show up on one of the hottest days of the year. We felt that this was a perfect opportunity to have a little outdoor fun so we decided to film Derrick out on the deck. Before we started, Derrick saw that there was a shower outdoors and asked if he could cool himself off first.

I am never one to miss out on an opportunity so I handed Derrick a bar of soap and turned on the cameras and sat back and watched Derrick put on a show. It was so hot (literally) watching Derrick soap up his rock hard body and work his cock to attention. He doesn’t disappoint those of you that love a hot straight boy’s ass. Derrick probes his hairy ass with his fingers as he works on his rod. Look for Derrick to pay us another visit real soon.


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Jonathan busts a nut

Jonathan is a 23 year old psychotherapy major from Atlanta. Originally from Brazil, he has been in the South for the past 10 years. When he first contacted us, he said that he has always wanted to some naked filming. He is proud of all of the hard work he puts into maintaining a fit body.

When Jonathan showed up at the Lake House, I couldn?t take my eyes off of his handsome masculine face. Most of the boys I have met from Brazil seem to have this softness about them but not Jonathan. Jonathan is 5?8? tall and all man. He has the perfect body to go with his Brazilian sexiness.

Jonathan was just a little shy at first but once he started talking about sex, he quickly loosened up and started to get down to business. It was a beautiful day at the Lake House so we decided to do the Photo and Video shoot outside. I think this really got Jonathan turned on even more. He told us about a time when he fucked his girlfriend in the school locker room in the middle of the day and how he wished they would have got caught.

Once Jonathan has his clothes off, he immediately wanted us to see his hot hairy ass. He said that he loved to play with it when he is jacking off in private but he was embarrassed for everyone to know it. Well he couldn?t hide it for long. Jonathan spends virtually the entire video with his legs in the air and his fingers in his tight hairy hold. I can?t want to get Jonathan back for more.


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