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Our latest bareback one-on-one features lean Kirby Thomas, who has one of the hottest bodies we’ve seen in a while – as well as a big curvy dick that Dominik Rider loves to have inside his raw hole. The creampie cumshot is not to be missed.



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Dean Monroe is a dark handsome stud with very nice muscular body, that got hardened and perfected over the years from dedicated work in the gym and sports.

Dean prides himself on being a talented power bottom. He is a very nice person too. Those people who like to see a man playing with his ass are going to love this shoot.

First Dean shows off his perfectly built body, then proceeds to take out his dick which got quite hard in the meantime. Then he puts some body oil and pours a little over his muscular pectorals. And rubs it into his chest and six pack and legs.

Then there is an extended ass play, for all ass lovers. We get to see him imagining someone’s fucking him while he pushes the fingers into his butthole.

Next, he lays down on his back, holds his legs up, wide apart, and begins to rub his butt hole. He gets it wet with plenty of spit, then pushes his finger in, keeping his dick solid while he does this. He fingers himself, and then pushes in a second finger. Dean pulls his butt cheeks wide apart, giving us some great close ups of his hole. Then, he turns over onto all fours, and pulls his cheeks apart with one hand, whilst fingering himself with the other, first inserting one finger, then two.

After that, Dean gets back onto his back, holds his legs wide apart, and fingers himself deeper and more intensely, first with one finger, sliding in and out, then a second finger, and then, he pushes in three fingers, really stretching his hole open. It makes his rock solid and he starts jerking off, harder and faster.. and suddenly Dean shoots, thick and strong, shooting hot spunk right up his chest almost to the base of his neck, and forming thick pools in his solid abs.. Fantastic.


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Danny Starr is a very handsome and quite masculine guy who has two real loves: sports and huge dicks fucking his ass.

Danny found himself sailing right to the seventh Heaven when we paired him with the hung and young Jake Adams. Jake may look like a young twink, but his humongous cock makes him more than able to submit and thoroughly fuck just about any masculine hunk. They all want more of Jake’s hard man-meat and they’re usually very vocal about it.

Jake slides his stiff tool and begins to ram Danny like there’s no tomorrow. He thrusts inside him and really fucks him hard.

Danny’s smooth and tight hole gets stretched and drilled in so many positions that it drove him almost nuts! He’s moaning loud and begs Jake not to stop. Soon enough both young guys cum in buckets.


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Are you ready to play? You better be because this week we bring you an ‘interactive’ game with Paddy Obrian (or should that be iPaddy?) where you call the shots and decide what he wears for you for this hot jerk off movie.

Can’t decide if he looks best in leather, suit or in a tuxedo? Then select from the clothing items on the onscreen menu and dress him in all three to see how he looks in each. Then once you’ve decided sit back, unzip and enjoy as Paddy shows us exactly why he’s our favourite straight MAP Man.

It might have something to do with the fact that he’s not embarrassed to bend over open his cheeks and give you a good look of his hairy hole. But we would bet that its how masculine and hot he looks all suited up and dick out. So are you ready? Press PLAY to continue…




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JC is a 30-something masculine hunk that has actor’s handsome face. But deep down he is a horny motherfucker that likes to fuck young bitches more than anything else. His body is muscular and he has an interesting tattoo on his right arm. His beard is so strong that it scratched me even though he shaved only a few hours ago.

JC’s cock is absolutely mind-blowing and it was a great pleasure to have it in my mouth!



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Straight guys are usually reluctant to show naked for gay sites, but this site offers them an oportunity to appear under a face mask. Some show their manly body and face without a mask, though. All of the men on Maskurbate are truly manly motherfuckers, so check them out!

It’s a brilliantly gorgeous and sunny day at the beach here in San Diego and today 2 very muscular and hot studs, Clayton Archer and Derrick Hanson made a special trip there to lay out and work on their tans, but soon after they have disrobed they realize they are far too horny to be in a public place with half of their clothes off so around they turn to head back to the house.

Not a moment goes by after returning to the bedroom when Derrick literally shoves little Clayton back onto the bed with a force I don’t think he’s felt before. You can see how stunned and turned on he is while Derrick seriously takes control and throws him around, holding his arms back and getting a lungfull of Clayton’s sweaty armpit aroma. Next Derrick pulls Clayton’s hard dick out and completely…



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Brad Kalvo and Logan Scott team up for a sizzling session of sex that leaves them breathless and will have your heart pounding as well. Both guys love kissing and nipple play. Logan is really turned on by Brad’s furry chest and slowly works his way down to Brad’s cock.

Logan then drops trou and lays back on the bed, his legs spread apart and his dick waiting for Brad’s mouth and tongue. After some 69 action and ball-licking, Logan gets on all fours for a rim job and some extended pounding.  Brad drills that beautiful ass so hard and fast you can see the sweat and hear Logan moan in ecstasy.

For the finale, these hunks lay side-by-side and jack off, with Logan shooting first, his cum proving to be a tasty treat for Brad before he releases his whopping gusher.


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