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Aden and Jordan Jaric Fucking

After his arrival at the inn Aden Jaric hits the bathroom to freshen up. Sitting alone, he gazes at his reflection in the mirror and starts to rub his naked body. Jordan Jaric comes in with some towels and is instantly mesmerized by what he sees. Their eyes lock and Aden issues an unspoken invitation that Jordan accepts. He strips down and Aden is quickly on his knees sucking his cock. Then it’s the valet’s turn to service his guest and he gobbles Aden’s dick down with gusto. He starts to prep Jordan’s hole by digging his tongue in deep; then he fucks him. The men switch up so Jordan can aggressively plow Aden’s bunghole. Both jocks build up a sweat and continue screwing in the shower. Despite the water raining down on them, their passion continues to sizzle. Jordan pulls his dick out and splashes Aden’s rump with his cum. Then Aden sits down and both men stroke their cocks. Jordan shoots a second load while the grateful guest responds with his own hefty discharge.


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Landon and Josh Fucking

After soaking up the sunshine outside for a spell, Landon Conrad and Josh Griffin retreat indoors for some intense R&R. Without missing a beat, they dissolve into each other’s arms kissing and stroking. Josh is the first to go down and enjoy his partner’s romper stomper. The curve of Landon’s cock sliding easily up into his mouth produces a sensation both find hard to beat and soon the lovers trade off so they can share the experience equally. Then Josh lays back with his legs spread apart, his asshole ready to be prodded and Landon is already there pumping his thunderstick in and out. The fucking continues with Landon standing behind Josh, then with both men laying on their sides. There’s no end to the ass assault and Josh wouldn’t have it any other way. The pleasured pain of a thick dick up his ass soon becomes too much and he jacks himself off to climax and cum. Then he lays back with his arm around Landon and watches his friend stroke himself and finally blast his hefty load.




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Leo Giamani Fucks Dayton O’Conner

The light beats bright as Leo Giamani and Dayton O’Conner come into view energized and lit up. The two studs pleasure themselves rubbing their chests and grabbing their crotches. Then they lock lips and playfully nibble each other’s nipples before Dayton pulls Leo’s cock out to suck on it. He grips the stiff slab tightly while his puckered lips slide over the tip; then his head bobs up and down while his tongue piercing tickles the sensitive underside.

Then it’s Leo’s turn to swallow Dayton’s pole and he does it with equal gusto. The action continues as Dayton guzzles Leo’s cock again before he rims his ass. Then he mounts the hot rod and rides it. They move into different positions with Leo still plugging his buddy’s manhole fierce and fast. Both men signal their pleasure with grunts and sighs. As the assault on his ass rages on, Dayton pulls his pud with measured strokes and busts a nut. Ready to erupt himself, Leo is jacks himself off before he sprays his buddy with cum.”


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