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Benjamin, Chris and Malachi Fucking

Chris Rockway has been a Randy Blue favorite for many years now.  It’s so much fun putting him with new guys because he always does such amazing videos.  Then again, I love putting him with established guys because they always seem to take it to the next level.  So I called in Malachi Marx.  While still relatively new, he’s gained a lot of Randy Blue experience in the past year and he’s looking woofier than ever!  Then there’s Benjamin Bradley.  New to Randy Blue but plenty of experience from various modeling gigs, he brings a fresh face and a dirty boy energy to the mix.  Three hot as fuck bodies, three awesome guys, and three times the fun!  I knew the sex would be as hot as you could get but I didn’t want them to just fuck.  I wanted to do something fun.  So I put these guys in a room and gave them one word.  Cookout!  Then I turned on the camera and let them work it out.  What they came up with is really funny, and really sexy. They didn’t waste much time getting to the sex, which is a good thing.  And seeing Benjamin’s delectably smooth skin up against Malachi’s scruffy beard and fuzzy chest is enough to get me going.  And Chris, who loves to fuck, goes at it like he can’t get enough.  And who knew Benjamin loved to eat ass so much?  All three of them brought their A game to this video and from the sheer amount of cum that gets dumped all over the hot smooth body of Benjamin Bradley, you can tell they had as much fun making it as you will watching it.


The boys have been very naughty. How about watching the WHOLE thing?

Brandon and Gavin

Brandon Kent unleashes a wild sexual beast, and a huge load of spunk, all over Randy Blue hottie Gavin Tate.


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Phenix Saint Fucks RC

Now that I’ve finally convinced that hot stud RC to start bottoming, I cant stop thinking about how hot he looks getting fucked. I had to see him take a dick up his ass again- I knew Phenix would be all about it. I called them up and wasted no time getting them naked and in my bed. After some warm up dick stroking Phenix sucks RC’s beautiful cock to get him nice and horned up. RC decides he to return the favor, suckin’ Phenix’s thick, hard tool. Watching these two hot dudes 69 next is so damn hot, they both look incredible with a nice dick in their mouth. Phenix lays back as RC sits his bubble butt down on his dick. RC strokes his cock as Phenix drills his butt from behind. Making good on his promise to punish RC for having bigger pecs than him, Phenix puts RC on his back and punishes that tight hole with a good hard pounding. RC loves getting his hole fucked so hard that he pumps out his load as Phenix drills deep into his ass. Phenix then shoots his own sweet load. I knew watching RC take another dick up his hole would be fucking amazing and I was bang on. Check it!


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Jesse and Kai Fucking

I think we might have turned someone! Yes, that’s right, our blonde bombshell is back – in fact he stayed over after his lustful romp with Robbie and I managed to persuade him to give it a go with another guy! Kai took Jesse’s eye and what with Kai being a lover of cute guys with big dicks he was more than up for good fuck session… and man, did Jesse get in to the rhythm of fucking ass hard or what ;-)

Kai, being his usual dominant self is the first to kick things off, almost taking Jesse unexpectedly as he leans in for the first kiss and begins to unbutton Jesse’s shirt. Coy laughs and smiles are exchanged and Jesse soon begins to relax as Kai begins to fully explore his young and inexperienced body. Feasting on his cock with long licks, light touches and deep swallowing all add to Jesse’s building excitement!

Eager to receive as well as give, Kai lies back and Jesse takes the hint. Gently licking and then sucking on Kai’s pre-cum leaking dick, this was another new experience for Jesse but he wasn’t the least bit freaked by it. Finally though Kai wants Jesse’s long uncut cock deep inside him and slowly Jesse enters his ass. It’s not long before Jesse is fucking real hard and he certainly learnt what the term “demanding bottom” means! In the end though Jesse proves he’s quite the top – fucking away he grabs Kai’s dick and it’s soon spurting loads of cum everywhere  ;-)


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Jonathan busts a nut

Jonathan is a 23 year old psychotherapy major from Atlanta. Originally from Brazil, he has been in the South for the past 10 years. When he first contacted us, he said that he has always wanted to some naked filming. He is proud of all of the hard work he puts into maintaining a fit body.

When Jonathan showed up at the Lake House, I couldn?t take my eyes off of his handsome masculine face. Most of the boys I have met from Brazil seem to have this softness about them but not Jonathan. Jonathan is 5?8? tall and all man. He has the perfect body to go with his Brazilian sexiness.

Jonathan was just a little shy at first but once he started talking about sex, he quickly loosened up and started to get down to business. It was a beautiful day at the Lake House so we decided to do the Photo and Video shoot outside. I think this really got Jonathan turned on even more. He told us about a time when he fucked his girlfriend in the school locker room in the middle of the day and how he wished they would have got caught.

Once Jonathan has his clothes off, he immediately wanted us to see his hot hairy ass. He said that he loved to play with it when he is jacking off in private but he was embarrassed for everyone to know it. Well he couldn?t hide it for long. Jonathan spends virtually the entire video with his legs in the air and his fingers in his tight hairy hold. I can?t want to get Jonathan back for more.


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Blake & Ryan Fucking

Blake Riley and Ryan Rockford had such a connection off camera that I had to get them on camera before they stated without me.

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Xander Gets Fucked

There are a lot of firsts in life. A first date. A first kiss. A first time having a guy ram his huge cock up your tight virgin hole. Xander Scott has been a Randy Blue favorite for a while now. From his stunning debut on the back of a silver motorcycle, and hot videos with several of our Randy Blue hotties, to his crazy antics on RBL, he’s one of the hottest and most entertaining guys we have on our site. But through it all, he’s never once bottomed. Until now. It’s been a long time coming and if anyone was going to pop his ass cherry it was going to have to be Malachi Marx. Every time I’ve seen these two together they were always carrying on. There’s an amazing chemistry between them and I wanted Xander to have his first time with someone he really got along with. Malachi just gets hotter and hotter every time I see him. His short beard and light dusting of chest hair, matched with his adorable features, give him a look like nobody else. And I knew his awesome dick would be the perfect size for Xander. Not small by any means, but not Leo Giamani either. And Xander really gets into it. A guy’s first time is always an exquisite mix of pleasure and pain, and while Xander is really getting into the loud moaning and heavy breathing, you’ll see him also stick out his ass the second Malachi pulls out, practically begging for more. And it’s almost too much for him to handle as he shoots his load all over Malachi’s chest with his cock still buried deep inside him. And Xander isn’t the only one totally getting his rocks off. After giving Xander the ride of his life, Malachi lets loose with the biggest spray of jizz adding to Xander’s load all over that sexy chest of his.

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Sucking Chase by Chance

New York in the Springtime is amazing. All of a sudden the winter clothes come off and you find yourself in a city that is filled with hot men

It was just one of those early mornings, while going out to get coffee. by chance we ran in Chase who lives in the neighborhood. He was dressed in sweat shorts and a muscle tank and explained that we was about to embark on his Saturday morning run which will take him all the way up to Chelsea Piers and back. Its about a 3 hour run all total. We figured that he might need some relaxation afterwards and mentioned that Christian was over and sucking cock all day today. Well, his face lit up He said that would be the perfect ending to his long run….a long blowjob.

Like clockwork, three hours later Chase rang the doorbell. He was pretty ripe and sweaty from his run. Sweat was pouring from his armpits and from his crotch. Christian was in lust all over again. He loves that “manscent”.

He got right to work sniffing Chase’s sweaty jockstrap, and putting his face between Chase’s sweaty, hairy butt cheeks and worshiping his asshole.

Then Chase unleashed the monster, his monster cock that is!

His “monster” was surrounded by a full bush of pubes that smelled like that were just out for a run and it drove Christian wild! Christian delivered an amazing Blow Job. Chase rewarded Christian by busting a huge nut to show his appreciation  for a job well done.