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This one stars UKNM’s new porn sensation Issac Jones, who’s name we predict will be familiar to all very soon – this guy will go far in adult entertainment. Here he’s in the very capable hands of Jay Roberts, an established name and famously fantastic performer, who brings out the very best in Issac in a video that’s destined to be a UKNM best seller. You saw him here first, now just watch him go…

Hard-hatted Porn sensation Issac Jones takes on porn sharp-suited legend Jay Roberts in this tale of two sides of the construction indutry where blue & white collars and muscled flesh rub together, uncut cocks are swallowed whole and friction between workers and bosses is definitely a good thing. Hot jets of cum help releave the tension and both sides a very happy with the outcum.


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Fraternity X – Frat Party Turns Into Wild Orgy

After a night of partying, one of my dorm-mates, Dayton decided to bang the hell out of this horny dude. They fucked right there on the floor while two other dudes were passed out on their beds. My buddy really plowed this guy’s ass hard and eventually all his wailing and crying woke up the others.

They joined in the fun, fed both his mouth and ass with their big dicks. All three of these dudes plastered their loads all over this cum-hungry guy’s face. And he guzzled back every drop.


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Walker Micheals was really looking forward to have his nice big dick serviced again at our place. Kyle Daggett volunteered and was exceptionally happy when we told him he’d gonna be the “chosen one”.

The two men are sitting on the sofa and, as it turns out, Walker can hardly keep a straight face because he’s constantly cracking jokes.

After a while, Walker wants to get down to business. Kyle worships Walker’s cockhead, all the while massaging and playing with his balls. This got Walker rock-hard in no time.

Kyle was blown away by Walker’s hairy, masculine body and did an awesome job sucking Walker’s cock. In the end, Walker blows a really big load all over Kyle’s face and even into his eye!


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Hopefully you caught a glimpse of our Boston boy Andy in his solo last week. He’s slim, he’s smooth and he has that totally hot Boston accent. And you should remember Dany from our hot 3-way last week where he and Kenedy both fucked Edy at the same time. Well, the passion between Dany and Andy was major and these 2 couldn’t keep their hands off of each other as we tried to set up the cameras and lights for the scene.

We literally had to tell them 4 times to “save it for the camera” and once that camera started rolling we didn’t need to say a single word to either of them. They went down on each other’s dicks for almost an hour before we had to break them up to get Andy’s eager hole ready for a fucking. And it took Dany no time at well to get to pounding that hole until they both shoot all over each other. And their last words as the end of the scene? We are ready to go again!


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Today A.C. is here to violate himself and I am eagerly waiting with baited breath for the show to begin. A.C. shares that his job in the Marines is to make sure fighter jets are totally stocked with bombs and rounds at all times to be prepared to kill bad guys. This sweet and young looking stud really couldn’t appear more handsome and sexy in his goretex hoodie, which he immediately takes off while his hands head straight for his super thick tool that is visibly heavy in the crotch of his camouflage pants.

Quickly slipping out of his clothes he lays back on the military cot and pumps his beautiful cut dick, playing with his pendulous nuts and inching closer and closer to massaging his hairy perineum. A.C. gets down on his knees facing away from the camera and pushes his ass out while spreading it wide open. A straight guy so proud of displaying his virgin hole is a sight to behold! A.C. stumbles across a purple butt plug hidden in the blanket and proceeds using it to puncture his freshness seal while pushing it all the way to the hilt and crying out with uncontrolled heaves of undeniable ecstasy. A.C. continues playing with his virgin hole, pumping that toy in and out like he’s trying to siphon water out of a flooded boat he’s sinking in, continuing to jerk his beautiful thick tool edging towards the precipice, but falling back just short so he can work on his newly found prostate a little more.

A.C. flips onto his back and lifts his legs in the air really giving a perfect view of his sweet hole clenching down tightly on the thickly substantive purple dong while he plays with his sensitive scrotum and jerks his way to the outrageous mouth-watering orgasm just on the edge of the horizon. It happened upon him almost all of a sudden like an enemy attack, as the salty white contents of his big balls flood out all over his sculpted stomach and sexy pecs, with eyes clamped tightly shut in a vertigo-like state, not knowing which way is up, or how anything could possibly feel so fucking amazing. If one can only imagine a sexier scenario it is to see him give this same kind of pleasure to another guy. Insanely hot stuff!


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Wow, what a stud and so young! This horny young lad marched into our studio, took out his monster cock with a big head, jacked off and shot a giant load of cum all over his chest!

If you love nasty motherfuckers with an attitude then this is the guy you shouldn’t miss!


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CockSureMen – Drew Fucks Matthew Rough and Raw

Drew Cutler and Matthew Singer seem to have one thing in common – they both have a penchant for “rough game”!

Drew takes charge and forces Matthew to suck his big dick and then sticks it right into Matthew’s ass. He pounds that hole like a madman for good 20 minutes until he discharges his big load.


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Seth Fisher is arguably the best otter in the stable of studs at Dirty Tony. We paired him with hunky military man Marco. The two men prove to be a fantastic match and the chemistry between them is fantastic.

First Seth starts out by telling some totally ridiculous stories and anecdotes, which gives Marco uncontrollable fits of laugher.

Seth asks Marco if he likes his feet massaged and rubbed. After the positive answer he proceeds to take Marco to an all new level of excitement by servicing his manly feet.

Seth slowly takes off Marco’s shirt and worships his beautiful, muscled torso, playing with Marco’s nipples in the process. This got Marco extremely horny and his dick is now hard as a rock.

Marco then takes charge and starts fucking Seth’s face first, then reciprocates by swallowing Seth’s great 9-inch monster.

Marco then nails Seth in the ass, and this action is so fucking hot that you have to see it to believe. Seth cries out half-assed sentences while Marco pounds him mercilessly like only another man could.

Marco shoots his very large load into Seth and it lasts for quite a while, lots of sperm getting shot directly into Seth’s mouth, like from a fire hoze!

Seth continues to jack off his cock until he also shoots amazingly big streams of hot cum into the air and all across his chest.


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