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Parker Drills Antonio Bareback

After Antonio was broke in by Vance, I figured he could handle a guy bit bigger.
Enter Parker Thorn. Literally!

Parker has come a long way. From solos, to blowing, to topping, he now is no longer so nervous about fucking a guy, and really wants to be the best at what he does.

Antonio is surprising me. Though he is kind of a bi-guy, I still feel like he has not sucked a lot of dick before.  Let’s face it, it’s just kind of painful to watch. When I edited the video, I squirmed a bit at his lack of skills, especially when the uber-straight guys go whole hog. Clay, Teo and Nash come to mind as guys who can suck dick like a pro!

So forgive Antonio his cock sucking skills the next couple videos. I promise to give him lessons. But as for the rest, he rocks. He took Parker’s substantial cock eagerly, and even manages to nut while being fucked. A little hard to tell as he gets all stiff-legged, but he sure does blow his load.

Parker came quickly as well, his load dripping all over Antonio’s hole. He tries to shove it back in for a true creampie, but I think Parker’s head was too sensitive. But I am counting it as one!


Short preview video:

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Dante and Hayden Raw Fuck

Both Dante and Hayden grew up in the same region. They both have similar accents, attitudes and experiences. So I really wanted to put these two guys together.

The fact that they had so much in common, it made tossing them into a room to fuck go much easier. They had some time to talk and get to know each other beforehand.

Dante really wants to top, but he is finding his dick just doesn’t stay hard long enough. Thankfully, he actually likes to be dominated and is into getting fucked. I think my favorite moment of this video is when Dante is sucking Hayden’s cock, and Hayden has this facial reaction of surprise. Sort of like, "Wow, that feels good!" He certainly wasn’t expecting it.

Hayden fucks the hell out of Dante, and he really ramps up to bust by fucking him, he pulls out, takes a minute, then creams all over Dante’s hairy hole, plunging it in and out. We switch gears and Dante actually nuts while sucking on Hayden’s cock. He shoots right up in the air and hits himself in the face. Perfect!


Short preview video:

Wow, this is some truly hard raw fucking!

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Hot Military Dude Cain

Cain is one hot motha fucka!
Ok, so he looks a little bit like a certain Mr. Rush, but in his own even hotter way.
This kid is just one of those models that you will want to see more of. He loves the camera and loves showing off, but not sure I’ve got him convinced to work with a dude.

Cain is straight, but has figured out his ass is prime real estate, and at the end of the video, he needed something extra to get him over the top. I don’t know why I find it especially hot to see a big slab of masculine beef like him finger his prostate, but it is for sure extra stimulating for him and viewer alike.

Cain is a cage fighter, who has a few bruises here and there, and it sounds like it might be something he does full time. But if that doesn’t work out, hopefully we can get him back for more, because this guy is without a doubt, should be doing porn for a living.

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