Both Dante and Hayden grew up in the same region. They both have similar accents, attitudes and experiences. So I really wanted to put these two guys together.

The fact that they had so much in common, it made tossing them into a room to fuck go much easier. They had some time to talk and get to know each other beforehand.

Dante really wants to top, but he is finding his dick just doesn’t stay hard long enough. Thankfully, he actually likes to be dominated and is into getting fucked. I think my favorite moment of this video is when Dante is sucking Hayden’s cock, and Hayden has this facial reaction of surprise. Sort of like, "Wow, that feels good!" He certainly wasn’t expecting it.

Hayden fucks the hell out of Dante, and he really ramps up to bust by fucking him, he pulls out, takes a minute, then creams all over Dante’s hairy hole, plunging it in and out. We switch gears and Dante actually nuts while sucking on Hayden’s cock. He shoots right up in the air and hits himself in the face. Perfect!


Short preview video:

Wow, this is some truly hard raw fucking!

Click here to watch and enjoy their whole movie!

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