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It’s early morning in the dorm and all my mates are nursing a hangover from the previous crazy day. Oh well. But besides the hangover we also find out that almost all of us also have morning wood so strong that it just won’t go away!

Jackson and I (I’m Dayton, btw.) take turns while we stuff Zach’s mouth and asshole. Zach is the only really gay guy here and he doesn’t mind getting as much cock as possible. As there are no girls on the horizon, his mouth and ass are a perfect replacement for pussy.

Soon enough Zach is getting slammed by Jackson’s cock and I thought it won’t hurt to bury my ragingly hard cock too. After all, what else are friends for if not to help each other out, see?!

There is a lot of mess, Zach shoots his cum all over Jackson. Next we take the cameraman (Sebastian) and start plundering his ass and mouth. We put Sebastian on the workout bench and after some fucking he gets both of our big loads – and I mean really big loads – they were fucking huge amounts of cum. For instance my cumshot was so huge and strong that it went all the way across Sebastian and hit the cameraman’s track pants!

Overall this was one helluva good gangbang and the cum flew everywhere, you gotta see the jizz here!

I can’t wait for the next orgy, I’m sure it’s gonna be even nastier and fulfilling!


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Chad Macon just graduated from college, and before he starts his job in the real world, he was excited to do something wild and crazy. Even though Chad seems like a bit of an introvert, he was secretly excited about stripping down and showing off for us. Chad tells us a few stories about his college experiences before stripping out of his clothes.

Chad works up his cock slowly, really taking the time to develop a hot fantasy in his head. Once he has a rhythm going, he beats his meat as if he were alone in the room – getting into the stroking of his thick cock and letting out some soft moans. Chad sits down and continues to jerk it, and he slowly begins to rub his chest and get ready for a big blast of cum. As he gets closer to orgasm, his entire body starts to tense up and he beats more feverishly, until finally a nice warm load of jizz lands on him. Hot stuff from a hot guy!


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We were just sitting and chilling one lazy afternoon, watching funny cartoons and drinking beers. There was this insatiable cocksucker, Brenden who came over our place allegedly to take some books from Krys, but I can bet he wanted to taste our boners instead.

Anyway, he was in luck because we were horny as usual and Dayton and Krys were getting their cocks serviced by this little cocksucker. A bit later they started to fuck this dude, but he couldn’t take Krys’ 9-inch monster cock. So they pinned him down and fucked him one by one into his tight and equally eager ass.

They were very aggressive with this cocksucker because he seemed to like rough boys and loved being treated like a little bitch he is. They even found a wig and put it on his head calling him Britney. Imagine that!

Krys blew his big load all over the cocksucker’s face, while Dayton just sat on the couch and in a couple of strokes he started to shoot a massive load of cum that hit him all the way to his head.


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This pairing was totally mind-blowing. Experience one of a kind, amazing fuck session with Clayton Archer and Stefan Taylor. Clayton is our veteran stud who can take a pounding from just about anyone, no matter how big the schlong is. And boy oh boy, Stefan has one of the fattest and biggest dicks in the whole wild West!

Stefan fucks Clayton like there is not going to be a tomorrow – really, you gotta see this, because Stefan’s fat dick literally rips apart and stretches Clayton’s tight manhole beyond anything else that Clayton has experienced so far. So who can say that size doesn’t matter?! 

There is also a lot of blowjobs – these guys were obviously into each other and it was real chemistry.

Stefan cums copiously, shooting hot straight cum all over Clayton’s cute face.


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You know those toough, hot young straight guys with a stone-like expression on their face that cannot be translated as anything else except “I will fuck you or beat you”. Well, Ben Porter is one such guy – and may we add an exceptionally sexy and hot one at that.

His cock is so beautiful and hard as a rock that Aaron French couldn’t wait to put it into his wet mouth and throat, to feel that perfect cockhead tingling his tonsils.

Although straight, Ben has had some guys blow him, because – as we all know – guys do it better. Ben’s cock is straight as an arrow and points straight to the sky like a rocket awaiting its launch.

But the description of Ben would be inadequate without saying a word or two about his amazing, big balls. This guy has them, and they’re really big and juicy! His cum-factory is always at work as evidenced by a massive, explosive cumshot that came as a reqard for Aaron’s masterful blowjob.


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Nothing better than getting fucked by a hot stud with a huge, thick cock! Micheal is very knowledgable about this when Tim asked him whether he’d agree to do a shoot with him. Who in their right mind would say no to Tim Kruger and his big, fat schlong? Nobody!

We met Michael on a ship, while we were on a little cruise. Micheal is a very friendly and sexy dude. TIm knew he had to fuck this guy once more because Micheal is such a good lay.

So when Michael was in Berlin, he and Tim hooked up and agreed that one more video would be fantastic.

And here it is – Michael is very hot, you can tell he likes a good fucking session and he has a way of showing it clearly. 


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