Seth Fisher is arguably the best otter in the stable of studs at Dirty Tony. We paired him with hunky military man Marco. The two men prove to be a fantastic match and the chemistry between them is fantastic.

First Seth starts out by telling some totally ridiculous stories and anecdotes, which gives Marco uncontrollable fits of laugher.

Seth asks Marco if he likes his feet massaged and rubbed. After the positive answer he proceeds to take Marco to an all new level of excitement by servicing his manly feet.

Seth slowly takes off Marco’s shirt and worships his beautiful, muscled torso, playing with Marco’s nipples in the process. This got Marco extremely horny and his dick is now hard as a rock.

Marco then takes charge and starts fucking Seth’s face first, then reciprocates by swallowing Seth’s great 9-inch monster.

Marco then nails Seth in the ass, and this action is so fucking hot that you have to see it to believe. Seth cries out half-assed sentences while Marco pounds him mercilessly like only another man could.

Marco shoots his very large load into Seth and it lasts for quite a while, lots of sperm getting shot directly into Seth’s mouth, like from a fire hoze!

Seth continues to jack off his cock until he also shoots amazingly big streams of hot cum into the air and all across his chest.


Short preview video:

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