I’ve filmed JJ Michaels a few times before this shoot, always with other guys. He did such a great job in those scenes that I jumped at the opportunity to work on camera with him myself.

When JJ arrived he looked fantastic. He had some growth on his face that was really sexy and got me all horned up. JJ identifies as straight but you wouldn’t know it by his eagerness to get the scene started. He whips out my cock & gets right to work. You can tell JJ is really, really into this suck off.

I usually pre-cum quite a bit and this time was no exception. As soon as JJ noticed the clear pre-cum pouring out of my cock he went in for a taste. He moaned as he licked my cock head clean. JJ has taken cum on his face before but never in his mouth. I was about to change all that!

JJ leans back on the bed and I face fuck him fast and hard. I could tell I was going to shoot a massive load and JJ was really wanting it bad. I’ve been sucked off by a lot of guys before. However, I must say, the build up and release was pretty fucking incredible this time around. It really helps when you can sense the guy blowing you really wants your load.

I couldn’t hold back any longer. My cock was far down JJ’s throat when I start to cum. The first squirt of semen literally bypassed his mouth and went straight down his throat. I pulled back just a little making sure JJ got a good taste of my load. Sure enough, as soon as my dick comes out of JJ’s mouth he spits a mouthful of jizz on me, covering my dick with my own cum.

He then took my dick back in his mouth and sucked me some more. All the while cum was oozing out of my dickhead. He must have swallowed a massive amount of sperm. I pulled out again and slapped my cum dripping cock on his cute face.

I asked JJ if he wanted to shower or just wash his face off. He said he was OK, grabbed a dry towel and wiped the cum off his mouth and face.

Aaron and I then gave him a ride to a restaurant where he was meeting some friends. We hugged good-bye and I swear I could smell my dry cum on his face. I wonder what his friends must have thought when they smelled cum on their “straight” friend’s face…


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