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Jessie slowly prepares a plan to seduce Phenix, and then records all the action with a hidden camera in his little pen.

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If you like rough sex, this is a video for you! Nate is a straight guy who wanted to see what’s the whole fuss about anal sex and getting fucked by another man. He heard that the orgasms are much stronger and that you basically have to let another man help you discover your inner female side.

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He wanted to investigate the situation in a prison-camp.  When the reporter tried to bribe the guard he got a more in-depth view into how they treat their prisoners than he ever wanted to have.

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 Live_coverage_s1 (11)
Live_coverage_s1 (12)

Live_coverage_i1 (9)
Live_coverage_i1 (13)
Live_coverage_s1 (20)
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Live_coverage_s1 (23) 
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