Aden and Jordan are working out in the gym pretty much always together. They’ve seen some great gains and they both look totally amazing. Their trainer gives them precise instructions, and the guys are doing great.

However, all that physical workout has made them really horny, so the guys are really looking forward to letting off some steam. When they found themselves alone in the locker room, both drunk from each other’s hard, manly sweaty smell, they begin kissing and groping each other.

Their both cocks are so hard and perfect I could watch them sucking each other off all day long. But then they proceed to the rimming. Their both holes want to be fucked but today it was Aden’s turn to get plowed. Aden bends over and lets his buddy Jordan fuck his tight ass hard. They work up a sweat in this small, steamy room and reach the unimaginable heights of sexual ecstasy.

Of course, towards the end they both shoot massive loads of cum onto each other.


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