There are a lot of firsts in life. A first date. A first kiss. A first time having a guy ram his huge cock up your tight virgin hole. Xander Scott has been a Randy Blue favorite for a while now. From his stunning debut on the back of a silver motorcycle, and hot videos with several of our Randy Blue hotties, to his crazy antics on RBL, he’s one of the hottest and most entertaining guys we have on our site. But through it all, he’s never once bottomed. Until now. It’s been a long time coming and if anyone was going to pop his ass cherry it was going to have to be Malachi Marx. Every time I’ve seen these two together they were always carrying on. There’s an amazing chemistry between them and I wanted Xander to have his first time with someone he really got along with. Malachi just gets hotter and hotter every time I see him. His short beard and light dusting of chest hair, matched with his adorable features, give him a look like nobody else. And I knew his awesome dick would be the perfect size for Xander. Not small by any means, but not Leo Giamani either. And Xander really gets into it. A guy’s first time is always an exquisite mix of pleasure and pain, and while Xander is really getting into the loud moaning and heavy breathing, you’ll see him also stick out his ass the second Malachi pulls out, practically begging for more. And it’s almost too much for him to handle as he shoots his load all over Malachi’s chest with his cock still buried deep inside him. And Xander isn’t the only one totally getting his rocks off. After giving Xander the ride of his life, Malachi lets loose with the biggest spray of jizz adding to Xander’s load all over that sexy chest of his.

How about watching the whole thing?

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