Well, the day of the shoot they both took one look at each other and you could feel the electricity in the room. The next thing that happened really surprised me. As I was setting up, Xander pulled me aside and said, “Man, he’s hot! When do we get started.”

Xander always does a great job but it was really nice knowing that he was looking forward to it with such enthusiasm. Then Lucas pulled me aside and for a split second I was worried he might be getting cold feet. “Randy, he’s really cute”, he said with a smile. “This is gonna be fun.” So I quickly finished getting everything ready so I wouldn’t lose the momentum that was building up. When I gave them the signal they both went right into it like they were all alone and I was hiding behind a hamper! Xander had this passionate look on his face and I love the way Lucas closed his eyes in that dreamy way when kissing Xander at the beginning of the video. This was so hot I almost had to take a break from shooting but I made sure I got every moment of this for you guys. And for someone who hasn’t sucked a lot of cock, Xander went at it like a pro. Lucas is one lucky guy. And not to be outdone, he must have had some great blow jobs because he sure knew how to give one. And talk about cum shots. Lucas really shot a great load all over that smooth chest of his, and Xander made sure to add a nice splattering of jizz to the mix.

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