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Paul loves his feet licked and toes sucked, so he directed Jeremy to get down there and get to work. Jeremy got he mouth right on Paul’s feet and licked and worshiped them with the gusto that Paul demanded.


Next, Paul wanted his cock sucked. So once again, Jeremy moved his mouth from Paul’s feet to his cock. Jeremy sucked Paul’s cock like there was no tomorrow!


Now, that got Paul in the mood to fuck some ass! Once again, Jeremy obliged Paul’s demands and bent over and spread his cheeks and got mounted by Paul. However, Jeremy got off a little easy, Paul lost control and dumped his load deep in Jeremy’s ass just a few minutes after he started. So Paul pulled out of Jeremy’s ass, ordered Jeremy onto the floor, face up and tossed the cum filled condom on Jeremy’s chest and let Jeremy jack off while he stood over him.


Its one of those movies that makes true the old saying. when left alone” Boys will be boys!

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