New York in the Springtime is amazing. All of a sudden the winter clothes come off and you find yourself in a city that is filled with hot men

It was just one of those early mornings, while going out to get coffee. by chance we ran in Chase who lives in the neighborhood. He was dressed in sweat shorts and a muscle tank and explained that we was about to embark on his Saturday morning run which will take him all the way up to Chelsea Piers and back. Its about a 3 hour run all total. We figured that he might need some relaxation afterwards and mentioned that Christian was over and sucking cock all day today. Well, his face lit up He said that would be the perfect ending to his long run….a long blowjob.

Like clockwork, three hours later Chase rang the doorbell. He was pretty ripe and sweaty from his run. Sweat was pouring from his armpits and from his crotch. Christian was in lust all over again. He loves that “manscent”.

He got right to work sniffing Chase’s sweaty jockstrap, and putting his face between Chase’s sweaty, hairy butt cheeks and worshiping his asshole.

Then Chase unleashed the monster, his monster cock that is!

His “monster” was surrounded by a full bush of pubes that smelled like that were just out for a run and it drove Christian wild! Christian delivered an amazing Blow Job. Chase rewarded Christian by busting a huge nut to show his appreciation  for a job well done.

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