Ok I will say it. Ryan just might be one of the South?s best kept secrets. I met a friend for lunch at one of the best Bar-B-Q restaurants in North Georgia. Just when we were about to be seated, Ryan walked out of the bathroom wearing a pair of baller shorts, a wife beater and flip flops. I am usually not that obvious when I see a boy in public that I want to film , but with this boy I didn?t even hesitate to approach him.

I could tell that Ryan was more than just a little interested in the thought of jacking off in front of a camera. Ryan had a lot of questions and didn?t exactly jump at the opportunity immediately. After what seemed like 10 conversations, Ryan finally agreed to come up to the Lake House and let us see what he was all about.

Ryan is a 19 year old college student from Georgia. He is 5’7’’ with a lean defined build and a MONSTER COCK. When you take a look at this truly baby-face, you really don’t expect there to be so much meat between his legs. This boy is really shy but just loved the looks on our faces when he pulled out his big dick. It is definitely all of 8 inches but combine that with is little 5’7’’ frame and what you get is a huge, rock hard beautiful cock.

Ryan was a bit reserved during the shoot but he was definitely getting into it. As he started to undress for the video, his cock was already throbbing before he let it out of his under wear. Not only is Ryan’s cock beautiful, his ass might even be hotter. Watching his finger disappear in this straight boy’s hole, got the entire crew hard. Ryan continued to stroke his huge cock as his finger moved in and out of his perfect pink hole. We all felt relieved when Ryan pumped his big load out of his monster. I think we should expect to see more of Ryan on Southern Strokes.


Click here to watch his whole video, it’s so fucking hot!

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