There’s a new Navy Seal in town and his name is Tex. Tex is currently in the Navy training for the day that his country needs him to be on the battle field. With his well toned muscles and washboard abs, he is a force to be reckoned with. Tex takes pride in his speed and endurance that he vigorously trains each day to maintain. His training definitely shows in his rock hard thighs and his amazing stamina.

This man’s stanmina is so incredible that his cock stayed thick and stiff through the entire time he was stroking his huge meat. Tex must have made all the guys in the barracks jealous of how big he is when they glanced at the monstrous dick in the showers.

Now massaging his pecker with both of his manly hands, Tex starts to edge but resist the urge to cum. Tex put in a good effort but when a man needs to cum nothing holds him back. Moaning loudly, a thick creamy shot flies out of his mushroom and lands on Tex’s furry six-pack. After the initial load, white creams slowly dribbles out of his bulb coating his hand with warm, viscous jizz.



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All American Heroes is a great amateur site that features scorching hot uniformed men!

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