Private Elijah came in today to share his story as well as a few other parts of his life. He is a man of many trades as he has many positions in the Navy. He is mostly part of the fire control on the ship; just in case any of the explosives on board decide to go off on their own. Though Elijah is soft spoken he surely isn�t shy at all. This Navy man was ready to let his monster unleash its fury all over the place. He stroked his best friend gently enough to not do any harm, and then as soon as he really got into it, his member was ready to get rough. Now up on his knees, the seaman continued to massage his own private to give himself the best satisfaction.

Elijah is a hot navy hunk! He is a member of All American Heroes, a website that features only best uniformed studs – military, navy, firemen, cops, seamen and more! They are all rugged, manly horndogs!

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