Things kick off with these two hot Marines watching some porn to get ready. It isn’t very long before they are butt naked and hard as rocks. After they’ve stroked their cocks together for a bit, they give each other this really deep stare and embrace in a kiss. Diego throws his cute little ass in the air while he’s sucking Dorian’s big meat and gives Dorian something nice to focus on.

You can see Dorian’s precum on the shaft of his dick as he shows this young devil dog the ropes. Things take a turn and we see a very hungry Dorian go down to repay the favor to his brother in arms. Dorian slides back up and puts his big cock back in Diego’s hot mouth and face fucks him fast and hard. Diego looks up at Dorian and says, "I want you to fuck me with this." Dorian does just that.

He buries his raging hard cock deep in Diego’s tight little ass and Diego moans and whines with pleasure. Diego blows his huge load all over himself while still sitting on top of Dorian’s cock. Diego tells Dorian he wants him to cum on his chest so he lets Dorian stand over him and stroke out a massive load. They stroke the last few drops from each other’s cocks and go for another hot kiss.


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Active Duty offered a scorching threesome in the shower featuring Zander, Carson and Dustin. Seems Dustin and Carson always meet up in the shower for fun and this time they’ve got another hot recruit in tow. Zander has been away for a bit but he’s back and looking delicious. In fact he’s so delicious to Carson and Dustin that the two of them really get into ravaging their comrade.

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Active Duty is a porn site for the lovers of Uniformed Men! It features Soldiers and Army Men in their prime years, while they are still in the Army and getting that intense physical training! These military men are tough, strong and always ready to fuck!


Active Duty –

Active Duty is back with something really, really special in their Videos Of The Week section that I’ve been waiting to see for nearly five long years now. Fan Favorite Thomas has returned to the Active Duty fold after a long absence. I’m not sure if he did a lot of thinking during that downtime or some fantasizing and experimenting, but something gave him an itch to give bottoming another try and this time it was an epic event.

This scene also marks another first for Active Duty’s gorgeous new stud, Bric. He mans up and takes the next challenge, fucking Thomas like there’s no tomorrow. That big, beautiful uncut cock is just what the doctor ordered for Thomas’ hunger and Bric takes the task on with serious fervor. Thomas ends up liking that cock so much that he starts pounding back on it at one point, fucking it himself as Bric meets him in the middle.

I think you’ll be amazed at how into the moment Thomas was and just how damn horny this made him.



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Slow Heat In a Texas Town

Do you like fucking in nature? If so, check out this movie from TITANMEN.

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Dorian, a Military Stud

When I was in my early twenties there were barracks near the place where I live. I would walk up to there and just sit on a bench so I could stare at all those young, strong soldiers. What a sight that was! All those deep voices and stomping of military boots had a hyptnotizing effect on me, and on my cock.

A man in uniform looks very hot. The uniform accentates man’s masculinity and physical strength and vigor. In other words, man in uniform commands respect and tells you he is not going to shy away from using his muscles, guns or whatever other means of force he has at his disposal.

Dorian is the epitome of a goodlooking, hard bodied, military stud. He’s the type of soldier you’d like to meet in a dark alley, fall on your knees and just worship his big uncut cock.

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Fireman Rusty surprised – gets taken from behind

Captain Rex and Fireman Rusty go one-on-one and boy are they having fun. Rex is just a little bit worn out from a great day of R&R on the beach but he isn�t too tired for a good fuck. Rusty was at attention from the moment he arrives. Rusty seemed to think he was going to give the captain some southern California beach cock. To Rusty�s surprise, his ass was the one that going to be drilled into.

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Young Recruits Domenic and DJ Fucking Hard

In the first scene of Double Time, which Active Duty is streaming this week only for members, gorgeous young recruits DJ and Domenic are finally get together. DJ loves a nice looking man and when he saw pictures of Domenic Dink knew he had to get them in a scene together. I hear Domenic seemed pleased as hell when he found out he’d be working with DJ, too.

Things kick off in the first scene of Double Time with Dink chatting with DJ first and then when Domenic joins us, he makes some jokes about his wide-angle lens and talks to the guys a little. He gives Domenic a hard time about how beautiful and kissable his lips are, but then makes sure to leave these two alone for awhile and to their own devices. Something tells me they’ll need no instructions as it is obvious they are clearly into one another. As soon as Dink leaves, they kick things off with a nice, slow and long kiss, the boxers come off to reveal some nice boners and they’re off to the races. Both men have nice long cocks.

This week, Active Duty has pre-released a title that’s a little different from what they’ve been doing lately. It’s called Double Time, and just like the title implies, things move fast in Double Time. This studio often puts three, four, five, six, or even eight guys in a scene together and sometimes things can get a little hard to keep up with. Rarely do they focus their attention on just two guys in a duo scene, but usually when they do, those scenes are extra hot because the guys have to work extra hard to keep us entertained. Double Time is a great example of really awesome duo scenes.

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Seaman Elijah Busts a Nut

Private Elijah came in today to share his story as well as a few other parts of his life. He is a man of many trades as he has many positions in the Navy. He is mostly part of the fire control on the ship; just in case any of the explosives on board decide to go off on their own. Though Elijah is soft spoken he surely isn�t shy at all. This Navy man was ready to let his monster unleash its fury all over the place. He stroked his best friend gently enough to not do any harm, and then as soon as he really got into it, his member was ready to get rough. Now up on his knees, the seaman continued to massage his own private to give himself the best satisfaction.

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