Derek is a very rude, strong and horny soldier who wanted to get his rocks off at a nearby farmhouse. He found a shelter in this farmhouse so why not dump his load as well?

Pastor’s son Martin could hardly believe what has happened because it all went so fast. One moment he was offering this big burly soldier his place as a shelter and the next moment he is on his all fours being forced to swallow the soldier’s huge stiff dick!

"Lick it, bitch, and don’t forget my balls!" Martin hears from soldier Derek while he’s gasping for air as that huge dick fills his entire mouth and throat. His lips are touching Derek’s military uniform while he’s gagging on the huge soldier’s pole.

After some time the soldier forcefully drags the boy outside and ties the boy to the tree. The boy thought he had a chance to escape but the soldier keeps him firmly with his strong hands and arms and there’s really no way to escape.

The soldier strips the boy naked and exposes his bare butt. The soldier spanks the boy with a rope. This is very painful for Marin as it reminds him of the spanking by his father, and of course, it’s painful physically as well.

Next, the soldier removes the shirt and continues to shove his dick into the boy’s mouth. Derek obviously wants to break in this young boy and Martin feels he’s about to give in. The soldier now wants to fuck the boy’s ass. He prepares it with his fingers and licks it. Will he deflower the young virgin boy now? Watch the full video and see for yourself.

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As the name itself implies, Gay War Games follows the stories that happen in a fictional country called Tchukistan. It’s a country completely devastated by war and ripe with all kinds of immoral and hot things, such as soldiers randomly abducting young hot boys and fucking them mercilessly! The soldiers are usually big studly motherfuckers with an excess of testosterone and the boys are willing to take the chance with these abusive army thugs. All the soldiers are properly dressed in military camouflage uniforms and combat boots!


22 year old Diego hails from Madrid. He may very well be one of the many treasures Madrid has to offer: with abs carved in stone, a deliciously firm bubble butt and a HUGE uncut cock, this hot Spaniard is no less awesome –and certainly yummier– than the paintings at the Museo del Prado! Shall we see more of this jock? You bet. Doing more than flexing his muscles and stroking his dick? Let’s just say we’re working on it…


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LucasKazan is one of the few sites that feature real Italian men, in all their hunky glory. You won’t see these guys anywhere else, so hurry up and prepare for months of worth of jerkoff material!

Sean Cody – Always Horny Micah Rubs One Out

Micah was born and raised in a very religious and conservative family. They were taught from very early age that masturbation is sinful. He adds with a smile that “that’s probably why all those families have so many kids – once they start fucking… they just can’t stop!”

Micah is a very cool and nice guy. He is at that point in life when he has to figure out what he’s going to do in the future but right now he’s having as much fun as possible. He has a great sense of humor and likes to joke around just about everything.

Micah told me that the society where he comes from is very intolerant towards porn as well. Not to mention gay porn! But he always wanted to give porn a try, so here he is now!

Micah also says that he has a very strong sex drive. “No matter how much sex I have or how much I jerk off I am horny again fifteen minutes later.”

Micah is one part Hawaiian by descent. He says he has a tan even in winter. He was real happy to be able to expose his body to the sun today. He had a sensual and sexy session in the bath tub. Just watch it and try not to get a boner!


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Sean Cody is probably the best known gay site – and not without a reason! The men here are mostly really straight and very masculine, hairy and muscular. These are the real jocks, totally hot and always ready to plow some ass!

Sean Cody

Young and cute but still very masculine Dane works as a personal trainer. He thinks it’s imperative for a young man to play sports so that he could develop his body properly and feel confident about himself.

“I’m the best – I can get results with anyone.” says Dane

Dane’s clients love him, and have full confidence in his instructions. He says he’s seen some pretty amazing transformations during his work.

Dane wasn’t shy about showing off his amazing body either. His chest is very muscular and has a bit of a fuzz (hopefully it will be hairy in a few years). Dane is definitely your typical American dude!

But there was something that Dane was shy about. Namely when I told him to show us his ass there was a slight pause. I asked him why is that so.

He answered  “Dunno, I guess nobody has ever really seen my asshole before… I don’t even think I’ve ever seen it. I’m kinda unsure of what it looks like.”

Well, there’s a first time for everything!


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Sean Cody is probably the best known gay site – and not without a reason! The men here are mostly really straight and very masculine, hairy and muscular. These are the real jocks, totally hot and always ready to plow some ass!

Sean Cody

Active Duty’s Brady is from Florida, he’s 23 years old, 6′ 1" and weighs approximately 175 lbs. He’s got some nice ink and Major Wood gets him out of his shirt to show off his tattoos. As we look at his ink we get a good look at his gorgeous nipples.

Brady says he’s been fighting mixed martial arts (MMA) and one of his fights was on pay-per-view. He’s sporting some really sexy eyes that I could just get lost in. He puts on a nice first show with an explosive ending!


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Active Duty is a porn site for the lovers of Uniformed Men! It features Soldiers and Army Men in their prime years, while they are still in the Army and getting that intense physical training! These military men are tough, strong and always ready to fuck!


Ty is a student from Asia and a first timer in porn.

But wow, this guy is the ideal bottom. Even when you just watch you can feel how much fun and happiness it is to get a good fuck. Ty can show his feelings with his body and face. Perfect!

You have to see this!


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TimTales is a fantastic site for lovers of true hardcore and big masculine studs with HUGE dicks! Tim Kruger is one of the owners of the site, just look at that amazing stud and his enormous cock! Lots of nasty, extreme sex on this site!

Dean Monroe is a dark handsome stud with very nice muscular body, that got hardened and perfected over the years from dedicated work in the gym and sports.

Dean prides himself on being a talented power bottom. He is a very nice person too. Those people who like to see a man playing with his ass are going to love this shoot.

First Dean shows off his perfectly built body, then proceeds to take out his dick which got quite hard in the meantime. Then he puts some body oil and pours a little over his muscular pectorals. And rubs it into his chest and six pack and legs.

Then there is an extended ass play, for all ass lovers. We get to see him imagining someone’s fucking him while he pushes the fingers into his butthole.

Next, he lays down on his back, holds his legs up, wide apart, and begins to rub his butt hole. He gets it wet with plenty of spit, then pushes his finger in, keeping his dick solid while he does this. He fingers himself, and then pushes in a second finger. Dean pulls his butt cheeks wide apart, giving us some great close ups of his hole. Then, he turns over onto all fours, and pulls his cheeks apart with one hand, whilst fingering himself with the other, first inserting one finger, then two.

After that, Dean gets back onto his back, holds his legs wide apart, and fingers himself deeper and more intensely, first with one finger, sliding in and out, then a second finger, and then, he pushes in three fingers, really stretching his hole open. It makes his rock solid and he starts jerking off, harder and faster.. and suddenly Dean shoots, thick and strong, shooting hot spunk right up his chest almost to the base of his neck, and forming thick pools in his solid abs.. Fantastic.


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Tim’s Holiday Pics

I’m a big fan of Tim Kruger – and who isn’t? The guy is gorgeous and built like a god, and of course that mega huge dick will defo make your mouth watering. Here are some very nice and hot pictures of Tim posing while he was on holiday. 

Tim and his boyfriend spent a great time in Spain and really enjoyed the weather. When Tim had a little shower to cool down, Grobes grabbed the camera and shot a few pictures.
Hope you like them.


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