Meet Kyle! He grew up in New Jersey and moved into the city a few years back. Kyle paints apartments and does general handyman work, a blue collar sort of guy.

Even though he lives in Brooklyn now, he really enjoys the Manhattan scene, including all the beautiful woman that populate this city. When he is not painting, you will very often find him “chasing the skirts”.He loves to play the field and is dating about 5 girls at the moment.

What really turns Kyle on is oral sex, preformed on him, that is. He loves a warm mouth and soft tongue on his balls and cock. He has heard his whole life that guys give the best blow jobs and now he is ready to test out that ‘urban legend” and to see whether it really is true. ( Of course we all know the answer!).

We thought Christian would be the perfect cocksucker to give Kyle his first “real” blow job. Christian went right to town, like the pro that he is. Kyle was already amazed by the way it felt. After Kyle sat down Christian got between Kyle’s hairy legs lifted them up a bit and lapped at Kyle’s hairy nut sack…Christian’s skilled tongue on his nuts, drove Kyle NUTS! Kyle blasted a huge load of baby batter all over himself. With that load it was clear to him that guys really do suck cock better!

First taste of Kyle's straight erect dick

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