What do you get when you cross a sexual powerhouse like Gage Wilson and an adorable guy like Cody Springs? You would have the makings of a really hot video no matter what they were doing. But throw in the fact that this is the first time Cody’s been fucked and you’re going from a light snack to a full course meal. Gage always gives his all when he’s doing a scene and I just knew he would be the obvious choice for Cody’s first time. I love the look on a guy’s face the first time he takes a cock up the ass, that look of overwhelming pleasure mixed with an unfamiliar sensation, the weary moans that escape trembling lips, the way their face scrunches up in confusion, with a sort of ‘am I liking this or not’ sort of look.

Cody and Gage

I’m always a little nervous when I introduce two models who will be working together for the first time because if they don’t hit it off there’s a chance the video won’t come out as well. Luckily, most of the models I’ve paired up have liked each other. And when Cody and Gage met, there was definitely an electricity in the air. And the two of them look so damn hot together. Cody’s smooth, small but muscular frame up against Cody’s nice mass of thick body fur. They are both similar in height so they worked really well together.

Gage and Cody 2

And hearing Gage’s deep and heavy groans matched with Cody’s gasps of pleasurable is like music. Add to that the fact that they come very close together, letting their puddles of creamy goodness mingle on Cody’s tight stomach, and you have quite a show.

Gage Fucking Little Cody

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