Zander is a hot, straight wrestler and I was so taken with his good looks. Zander is straight, 21-year-old, 5′ 8???, and weighs in at 150 pounds. He’s still blessed with his boyish good looks – those eyes are so seductive and his lips are beautifully full and kissable. In high school Zander was on the wrestling and football teams, and he quickly developed his own cheering section. I sure would be on my feet trying to get a look at that prominent bulge in his wrestling singlet.

This week Zander stopped by PerfectGuyz to strip out of his jeans and boxes and reveal his tight muscular butt and a thick cock. He gripped his cock and started to pump it. He got on his knees, and then, on his back and he pumped his cock vigorously. Finally, with his body seething in ecstasy, he started to cum! Zander shot a generous load all over his smooth belly.

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