A few buddies are hanging out, throwing back some beers, watching some porn and someone whips it out. And after one does it, they all eventually fall into place. What guys do when they’re alone that they never tell their friends about is the subject of many fantasies. We’ve recently featured some really hot new guys in some incredible solos and appearances on Randy Blue Live. Now it was time to put them in a situation where they could explore their own sexuality, just being a guy hanging with the guys doing guy stuff.

Daxx Matthews has already received glowing reviews on our blog with his chiseled features, gorgeous tanned naturally smooth body and big dick. He was so comfortable in front of the camera and seemed to be open to anything, so he was an obvious choice for this afternoon of fun. Max Cruz turns heads everywhere he goes. When we had the guys dancing at club Swallow he had a crowd around him the entire night. He’s got such an adorable face with a thick, full head of hair that he wears in that perfectly tousled unkempt style that you know takes him hours to do. His lean body has muscles in all the right places and when he’s jacking his meaty cock he gets this light sheen of sweat that gives him the appearance of a majestic sculpture. But this one is anything but stiff and cold, his sexual charisma, friendly disposition and wacky sense of humor will have you laughing one minute and working your throbbing member the next. Buddy Davis is the newest member of this little group and if it hadn’t been for his laid back demeanor I would have worried he might be too nervous to jump into a circle jerk this early, but he took it all in stride and probably had more fun than anyone else. And Christian Sharp, who is the most experienced of the group having already done a blowjob scene with Gavin Tate, rose to the occasion to work with a bunch of other guys.

Randy Blue has a huge amount of hottest hunks. They’re all extremely well-built and have huge boners! And above all, these hot motherfuckers LOVE sex! They need it every single day, and if they don’t get their daily serving of fresh man meat and hard cock, they’ll go crazy!

Click here to watch all of these manly studs!

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