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Butch Dixon writes: Ted Colunga is one of the hottest exports from Hungary since golash. This hairy hunk has made a big name for himself in gay porn, including a fifteen-man gang bang where he offered up his muscular butt for a massive fuck session. And Colunga is the latest t join Butch Dixon’s line-up of masculine men. Colunga has an amazing body. He not only looks like he works out a lot, but he looks like he lives at the gym when he’s not shooting porn videos. Ted Colunga has strong, sculpted shoulders; massive biceps; broad, chiseled hairy pecs; and ripped abs that can still be seen under all that fur. But perhaps Colunga’s best asset is his huge, uncut cock. This stump of a dick is a cock sucker’s dream come true it’s super fat with a deliciously plump cock head. You’re going to love watching this hairy hunk pumping out a load of man juice. But I’m betting you’ll be wishing you were on your knees in front of him and slobbering all over his fat dick!

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