Los Angeles is the home of many of today’s biggest reality TV shows. Anyone who’s ever auditioned for one can tell you how tough the casting call for these shows can be. Brandon Kent is a reality show fanatic and has dreamed of being cast in one. He goes to an audition for The Boys Club, a sexy new show, where he meets Chris Rockway and Christian Sharp, both hoping to get cast as well. Casting agent Ryan Rockford informs them, with an evil grin, that with only one spot left they have to prove they have what it takes to be a reality show star. But this is no ordinary casting call. They’re going to have to compete with each other to see who can do the best job of getting Ryan off. Obviously drunk with power, this casting agent is going to use his position to get these three hunks to whip out their huge dicks and give it to him.

Willing to go as far as it takes, Chris Rockway gives Ryan a face full of cock while Brandon and Christian use their incredible bodies and sexual heat to put on such a show that Ryan will forget all about the cock that is tickling his tonsils. Brandon works on Christians cock, proving he’s learned a thing or two from his Randy Blue buddies. Then he flips over so Christian can dive face first into his hungry hole. It’s not long before the two couples join and become one huge orgy as Brandon rams the fuck out of Ryan, who’s busy sucking off Chris as he blows Christian. And that’s just the beginning. No reality show could ever be as hot as this behind the scenes audition. And Ryan has quite a job ahead of him trying to decide which stud to choose, as they dump load after load of hot gooey cum onto his gorgeous chest.


Oooh.. the guys really made a mess. Head over to RandyBlue and watch this entire movie. It’s really great!

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