We catch up with new cummer Revel Milan coming off the beach on a recent windy day.

After he finds his way to the usual poolside place for stroking, he teases us by tugging on his fat dick through his swim trunks before exposing his hard monster.

Slapping and spitting his rod, he finally settles down to some serious meat-beating and cum throwing.

Stick around and watch him pissing during his shower clean up. All you piss hungry pigs out there will enjoy it.










Man, listen to my advice. I’ve seen many gay porn sites, but MANAVENUE really stands out of the crowd because they tend to pick only the manliest motherfuckers! Those are usually the type of straight men you see in the street and you oh so wish you could see them naked and hard. Well, now you can!

Go to Manavenue, singup and enjoy!

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