Connor is one hot beefy 22y/o str8 dude from northern California who moved to San Diego for his job doing construction. We met when he was doing some home improvement work for a friend of mine when I happened to drop by. Of course, he immediately caught my eye. We got to talking and I mentioned some work I’d like to hire him for and slipped him my card.

It was a week or so before Connor called. He was a bit apprehensive about jerking off on camera at first, but figured that making cash for showing his dick to the world was a lot easier than hanging drywall.

When it came time to drop the denim, though, Connor seemed to get into the moment and released his inner porn star. He warned me that he had saved up for a couple days and when he busted, shot a big wet load up his stomach and down the side of his chest.


Click here to watch Connor’s entire movie! Lots of other amateur straight guys!
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